Gear Oil Viscosity?

I'm kinda foggy on oil viscosity. My Grande calls for straight 90W gear oil. I have some high end Maxima synthetic gear oil for my cycle that is 75w90 - will that be OK to put into my Grande that calls for straight 90 weight gear oil? Or would it be better if I search out straight 90 weight gear oil?

Thanks in advance for your 2 cents!

Re: Gear Oil Viscosity?

does that stuff pour like molasses

Re: Gear Oil Viscosity?

Klen Kahdidlehopper /

that oil would be fine as long as it does not call for NON DETERGENT 90 weight oil.

If it just says 90 weight then 75w90 is the same exact thing

Re: Gear Oil Viscosity?

It's been a long time since I have poured any molasses. I would say it's about the thickness of maple syrup. Pretty much like regular automobile motor oil thickness, to the naked eye.

Re: Gear Oil Viscosity?

the most accurate description i could find is that it takes SAE EP90 gear oil.

do you know if that is non detergent oil?

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