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Well i know im sounding a bit crazy..but has anyone tried nitromethane in their mopeds? i know that alcohol was discussed..and since spring will be coming soon i started asking a friend of mine (who works at a hobby shop) about how they mix their 2stroke oil with the alcohol. I found out that you just need to get some special oil thats meant for mixing with alcohol and not gas. didnt think of that.. well anyway i went to this hobby shop and they didnt have any oil, but i made some kindof comment to him when i saw the fuel they had like 'heh..maybe i should try nitromethane in my moped.' so of course he goes 'oh yeah! you want some fuel? we got some that was returned.' so i go home with one gallon of 5% nitromethane, 95% methanol, and 2 gallons of 15% nitromethane, 85% methanol.

now im thinking itd be cool to try a bit in my moped. i know im crazy, but i think im going to try it. i was just wondering if anyone else has any experience with this. does anyone know what the air/fuel ratio for this would be like? gas is like 14.7:1 and ethanol is around 8:1. so what would nitromethane and methanol be like? i was fin2 by some bigger jets for my carb anyway..but im not sure if its a way different ratio or not. am i just crazy?

This single post is part of a larger thread. Start from the top or view this post in context.
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