Well i know im sounding a bit crazy..but has anyone tried nitromethane in their mopeds? i know that alcohol was discussed..and since spring will be coming soon i started asking a friend of mine (who works at a hobby shop) about how they mix their 2stroke oil with the alcohol. I found out that you just need to get some special oil thats meant for mixing with alcohol and not gas. didnt think of that.. well anyway i went to this hobby shop and they didnt have any oil, but i made some kindof comment to him when i saw the fuel they had like 'heh..maybe i should try nitromethane in my moped.' so of course he goes 'oh yeah! you want some fuel? we got some that was returned.' so i go home with one gallon of 5% nitromethane, 95% methanol, and 2 gallons of 15% nitromethane, 85% methanol.

now im thinking itd be cool to try a bit in my moped. i know im crazy, but i think im going to try it. i was just wondering if anyone else has any experience with this. does anyone know what the air/fuel ratio for this would be like? gas is like 14.7:1 and ethanol is around 8:1. so what would nitromethane and methanol be like? i was fin2 by some bigger jets for my carb anyway..but im not sure if its a way different ratio or not. am i just crazy?

yoo clazy !!

Michael :..."Am I just crazy?".............. Uhhhhhh....... Yup!

There is a good site somewhere which explains a lot about the different requirements and characteristics of diff fuels... but right now I can't remember where.


Re: Nitromethane


If you burn nitro some oxygen actually comes free out of the nitro, so the air/feul mixture will actually need less air ... I think.

When you try this stuf in your ped and your ped blows sky-high, please don't blame me for being wrong ...

Something else you might like to trie is a NO2 injection, some motorcycles have this little gadget and it will give about 40% more power. The NO2 (laughing gas) also releases extra oxygen when it's burnt. If you can't get it to work you could still have a lot of fun breathing the NO2 ...

Re: Nitromethane

Except that the gas has a chemical put in it to make you feel sick to discourage people from doing it for fun.

Michael... If your ped doesn't have more than one gear it really won't do what you want unless you increase the gear ratio a lot.

In other words a one speed ped motor will only go faster if you rev it higher.. revving higher means the motor is doing something the designer didn't intend it to do, so it is likely to break something sooner or later.

Now it will accelerate harder getting to top speed... (if you do everything RIGHT).

But I don't see the point of making a lot of changes to your ped... when ... Once you make the changes, you will HAVE to run with your chosen fuel... You can't go back to normal fuel unless you change everything back.

Re: Nitromethane

is that a belt drive?

Re: Nitromethane

its belt and chain. small pully to large pully to small sprocket large sprocket.

Re: Nitromethane

Well my main objective is to get it to accelerate faster..i dont care so much about top speed.. from what ive read and asked about , i would just have to get it so that it wont run too lean when im running off of methanol. since im only using 5%-15% nitromethane, it shouldnt upset the ratio too much.. so i was thinking i'd just make it so it runs good off of methanol (which i wanted to do anyway) and then when i wanted a boost i'd put in some of the nitro mix. at worst i'll damage my engine which wouldnt be that bad..itd give me another excuse to take it apart.. only other thing with nitro is that it burns slower so the spark has to be advanced..but last night i took apart an old GM distributor for the inductive pickup and the ignition module..gunna convert mine from points to electronic (hopefully).

Re: Nitromethane

You know they sell an ignition module specifically for small 2-strokes, mine works well.

Re: Nitromethane

Sounds like a plan if the fuel dont cost too much. I do suggest you get a pair of heavy leather chaps (like the cowboys wear) in case the motor blows apart between your legs :o)

Make sure you post the results of this experiment.


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