Mopeds that have upgrades..brands?


Curious as to what brands are easy to kit, make faster easy.



I know one thats not easy is batavus.


Re: Mopeds that have upgrades..brands?

well the fastest is a variated bike but those are not the cheapest

the one with the most and cheapest performance options is a puch

since puch kits will work on a tomos those have a lot of kits also.

and if u happen to have a welder any performance exhaust will fit that puts all bikes = there.

carbs are a pain to mount on most setups not all but a lot of them. it is usually the hardest with tighter engines (most Japanese) or moving engines (moby and pug)

Re: Mopeds that have upgrades..brands?

what about sachs, motobecan, hurcles ect ect

Re: Mopeds that have upgrades..brands?

sachs have kits, but they do not have good clutchs. so they usually break after they get kitted, lol.

Peugeots and motobecanes can also be made very fast. Tons of parts for them. But theyre expensive and kinda hard to work with.

To answer your question, puch is the easiest.

Re: Mopeds that have upgrades..brands?

thanks guys, just it sounds like batavus is the only engine that doesnt have easy bolt on fast mods?

Jawa? ect

Re: Mopeds that have upgrades..brands?

þλ†Я¡¢k §¡§ΩИ /

-Puch / everywhere. easiest by far

-Motobecane / Peugeot / Vespa / Derbi...bunch of parts too

like whats been said..not cheap and hard to work with

-Garelli / Minarelli / are out there, but you have to

look. some are harder to find since theyre no longer made.

Batavus / Trac / Jawa..I have never seen anything aftermarket

Re: Mopeds that have upgrades..brands?

Nick, sorry the pics are taking so long, camera=fail.

Heard a rumor Peugeot cylinders would work on the M48?

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