moped stalls after 3mins running

i have a prob with my 78 honda pa 50 after 3mins the thing stalls

and wont start back up when i bought it it didnt run i cleaned

the gas tank the shut off was broke so i took it off and put a gas filter inline to the carb the carb was also cleaned.does haveing a filter on it restict the gas flow in any way? help i

love my bike cant wait to drive it in the spring...

Re: moped stalls after 3mins running

I had the same problem with my Puch Maxi. Your engine might be stalling out because your exhaust is plugged.

Re: moped stalls after 3mins running

Ron Brown /


Pull the gas line at the carb and let it run into a jar or can. If you have good flow, this is not the problem. If not, follow the line back until you find the problem.

If you have good gas, how long is it before the bike will re-start and do you have a good spark when it won't start?


Re: moped stalls after 3mins running

Make sure the float needle isn't clogged.

Re: moped stalls after 3mins running

What do you mean the "carb was cleaned".

You took the carb off and took it all apart and blew out all the orifices with compressed air and carb cleaner?

Getting the carb out on a PA-50 is a major pain... as I'm sure you know if you had it out.

An inline filter won't restrict the gas flow on a ped.

Re: moped stalls after 3mins running

scooter trash /

switch out the spark plug with a new one and make sure it is gapped correctly.

good luck

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