Anyone ever heard of Rizzato? It took some african engineering but I got mine running, my problem is that I can forsee needing replacement parts and when I go down to the local motorcycle shop I get the weirdest looks. So war it has the cylinder head and flywheel cover and tail light from a honda hobbit, the points went out so I adapted a Tecumseh CDI unit, lawnmower gas tank, bicycle pedals and cranks, exhaust made of 11/4" copper pipe. As you can see If anyone has any ideas about part suppliers it would be much appriciated.

Re: Rizzato??

DaveinNaples /

Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! gutsy, Lawnmower points ? Will your ped cut grass too ?

Re: Rizzato??

omewulf Aalst Belgium /

I found a complete motoped on the junkyard,you still can find original parts in Italy,bath i presume taths a problem for you. Go to the side www.atala.it thats the new brandname .

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