I recived PA-50 as gift. it is in perfect condition. Problem is Im confused which model is. I searched websites for some clue but non of them gave me answer. In Registration Certificate VIN Chasis no is PA50-D1367107 and Engine number is PA50E-E1733925, date of first registration is 01 04 1996


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Re: confused

What a useless post. "II" That's all!?! Thanks kid. I think Nate Bandit needs to make another post in the General Forum telling people to not post when they don't really know what they are talking about.

Frankie: It looks like you have a Camino. I know those came out with different versions in Europe. Some even came without variators. I don't really see how it would be a PA50 II when your vin clearly does not say that. Can you get pictures of the reed block? That would probably be the best way to tell.

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And there's not supposed to be a pic there. Just an explanation mark and a question mark.

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What is confusing me is also model number PA50VC-H also the VIN Chassis number and Engine number and colour codes. moped is in original light blue colour with Camino name and single seat. All manuals are dated till late 1980 but my moped is dated 1996 and there are no manuals as late as 1990 aviable. Can someone help me with type of engine, and model because i like to service and maintaine it myself. It is realy cute moped, my daugter Amy she is 9 years old like it too, and i like to maintaine moped till she ready for lessons. Many thanks Frankie

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Just because it was first registered in 1996 doesn't mean that it was manufactured in 1996. It probably started life in a different state.

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Thanks that was helpfull.

Re: confused

Thanks a lot, I m new to moped-world, probably i would never riden one, but i got it now and i realy like it, I m suprised how cheap is to Insure and tax, compare to my van.

Thank you again for your help.

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