winter riding

anybody ever put studs in their tires and ride on ice or snowy roads with moped??

Re: winter riding

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yeah dude for real search is yr friend. been done..... in fact i bet many midwesters are planning on it!!!

Re: winter riding

Re: winter riding

no need studs,just get tires like these.

Re: winter riding

i have a set of tires that i recently tossed studs on...

i've been through the past 5 or 6 winters with studs in my bicycle tires... it works great and i feel safe on them.

but a bicycle is a lot different than a moped, i donno how effective they'd be. of course you'd have to go real slow and i imagine they would be just as effective at slow speeds as they are on my bicycles..

i just drill some screws into the tred of the tire ... experiment with patterns and do some google searchs for what other people have done.

after drilling them in, i turn the tire inside out and dremel them smooth, line it with duct tape.. line it with a deflated tube glued in with some flexible expoy then duct tape down again...

the last layer of duct tape just makes it easy to slip a tube in and inflate it like your normally do.

any of that make sense? haha shit...

Re: winter riding

i use my bald normal tires and i only fall on black ice.

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