How does an automatic choke work?

I was just wondering if anyone knew exactly how an automatci choke works. I have the problem that when it is cold, I can start up fine, but if I dont' let the engine warm up, It bogs down when I accelerate. I think that the problem is that the choke does not come off fast enough, and the mixture becomes to rich when I try to accelerate.

Any help is greatly appreciated.



Re: How does an automatic choke work?

Hi,Narianu! Well,the auto-choke is very nice when it works correctly. Problem is if it sticks or opens late or doesn't open at all.Ha! Since it runs okay when you let it warm up for a while,why don't you just rev it a little on the stand to speed up the warm-up while the choke is on? In colder weather it takes a little longer for the auto-choke to release,and also you might find that the carb and choke need cleaned. For now,just warm it up a little longer. At 100 mpgs that isn't costing you much gasoline,right? Where are you from,anyway,and what kind(brand name and model and year is it)? don-ohio (:^)

Re: How does an automatic choke work?

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