Stolen Colt 4 Moped

Eric Peterson /

If anyone sees the following moped, please let me know. It was stolen from Central Square in Cambridge, Mass on February 6, 2001. There aren't very many of them around, so If you see a red Colt 4 in Massachusetts, it's probably mine.

It looks like a little motorcycle, with a red gas tank (top tank style) that says Colt 4 on it. it says Cosmo on the back of the black leather seat. The VIN number is 2JPM9B191.


Eric Peterson

Re: Stolen Colt 4 Moped

gimmejimmie /

Eric, your e-mail address sez it all. Good luck on your bike's recovery.

Re: Stolen Colt 4 Moped

Dirty punk ass bitches! Moped thieves are horrible. Good luck hunting him/her down. I think Cheryl is from near MA area ... maybe she can help look? Form a posse ... Swarm and Destroy!

Re: Stolen Mopeds.

Reeperette /

For the record - Ree's moped mounts a small, low powered FM transmitter with a very, very long lasting battery....these are simple to build or aquire, and the proper batteries can make them last a couple of months.

There are quite a few places on a Moped to hide it, and the device is pretty small to begin with if you build it right or buy one from say, falcon enterprises.

Signal range is usually 1/2 mile even on a bad day, and often longer....even in a city, and that's pretty good, all in all for as small as it is.

The key to this, is that Ree has a signal meter that can be used as a direction-finder set to that Freq, in his closet...and will come looking the instant he notices his wheels are missing, on a 1/2mile range you can quarter a medium sized city rather thoroughly in under a day....and most folks who steal these things do not go very far with them anyhow.

What that means, is that if someone rips my 'ped...which would take a blowtorch since I tied it down six-ways-to-sunday with elevator cable and a pin-across lock - They had better be VERY far away very quickly, or they'll have a very upset ped-pusher in thier face real shortly.

I generally do not trust the police to retrive mine, not after one 'dissappeared' from impound when they were finishing the paperwork and due to give it back the next day...I bet some cops kid was real happy about his new toy <growl>.

The Kzoo cops are pretty good about it, but still, I will take it back myself...possibly handing out a few lumps in the exchange.

For those that have an interest, let me see if I can dig up some more info on where to get these gadgets.


Re: Stolen Mopeds.

Reeperette /

Hereya go folks, gadgets to make sure your ped stays YOURS.

No Reccommendation.

Bunch of sneaky Brits, but good at it, this is more complex stuff.

Model # TT7K is a personal Fav, $40.00 worth of real security.

Hope this helps a bit.


Re: Stolen Mopeds.

Any luck on the stolen bike?

we had some bikes stolen in that area before, about three motobecanes.


Re: Stolen Mopeds.

Eric Peterson /

No luck yet. I doubt I'll see it again. This is a pretty big metro area. I'm sure the cops put stolen mopeds at about the absolute bottom of their priority list. If someone uses it while robbing an old lady and gets caught, the cops might call me. Other than that, I'm just hoping it passes through a few hands and then shows up advertised for sale. I think it's most likely that some moron took it for a long joy ride and then ran it into the river.

So I'm looking for a new (old) one. I would buy a small, cheap, kick-start but street legal motorcycle instead, if I ran across one of those first.


ps.. did you ever get any of your motobecanes back?


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