a3 anyone know the model

it's an a3.

the wiring looks like the one on this page


of this manual


but as you can see, the ped is a top tank model, year is 1987 and it definitely looks like a tomos a3

the first string of info on the serial vin is


I'm told that you can find out a lot about the moped with that info. the rest is just factory id numbers so they have been omitted for privacy sake.

first i thought it was a targa

then i thought it was a sprint

now i am wondering if it is a golden bullet,silver bullet or just a bullet.

i dont want to sound like an idiot explaining to people that i dont know what it is, maybe this maybe that.

if anyone can help me to identify the model i would really appreciate it.


Re: a3 anyone know the model

ez da snow man !! /

looks like an 80s bullet kinda like mine but i t looks like some one took a tank from a BMW bike and welded it on there... heres a pic of mine its an 85( compare the frame and my gas tank is part of the frame)


Re: a3 anyone know the model

looks like a bullet ttlx

Re: a3 anyone know the model

ez da snow man !! /

i think your right about the bullet tt-lx

Re: a3 anyone know the model

that was my latest and closest thought. does anyone know what the differences between bullet, silver bullet and golden bullet are?

Re: a3 anyone know the model

i know the difference between the bullet and the golden bullet, is the face that the golden bullet has turn signals. or so i have found in wiring diagrams.

Re: a3 anyone know the model

cool thanks

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