Professor luwig

I just have to tell you how much i hate you and that you and your fag "rocket car" suck i have a datsun 510 and an Alfa Romeo Spyder which i am sure could destroy it.I am sure they are more durable anyways. Besides you know what mopeds are better in almost every aspect than your rocket car . One because they are extremely fuel effecient . They are fun to ride. Chicks dig guys with mopeds. You can fix them easily . I wish you'd sastop going into this forum obviously you have some interest mopeds or you wouldnt be here . If you came here just to call us idiots you my friend have no life loser.


Re: Professor luwig

just for the record, chicks on mopeds drive the guys wild too.

Re: Professor luwig

Ron Brown /


It's the tatoos.


Re: Professor luwig

Ataristyle /

One word eay enough to sum up the professor: Pussy

Re: Professor luwig

Actually I think "retard", "bored middle-aged balding guy stuck in an office with nothing better to do than compose annoying, incomprehensible messages in a forum where his idiot opinions aren't wanted", and just plain "stupid" will suffice. If we ever found this guy we'd kick his ass three ways from Sunday, but I think instead we should pity the poor guy. We're probably his only form of entertainment. He probably calls us his "online friends". Poor sod.



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