fucked up moped laws

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help i line in tx and its a very very very un moped friendly state, and every one i need help im having problems regestering my ped i have a nice happy bill of sale but tx fucked up laws make it i have to have it titled. it didnt coe w/ one and i not sure how to get one for it,and get this it took a 11/2 hrs to get my ped inspected the people at the place i wentto had no ideal what to do or how to inspect one, hell the guy didnt even bother to see if ther was a horn orif it even worked.


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Re: fucked up moped laws

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Illinois Laws also suck for mopeds. I bought my '98 Tomos Targa LX in Indiana(since there is no dealer in IL). I purchased it around September 2000. It only had 1 mile on the bike from the Tomos Dealer. I had to have the people of IN send me title for the bike in the mail. Once I recieved it I sent the Title out so that I could get my moped insured. I had a letter sent to me from the Secretary of State saying they have declined me from insuring my moped. I talked with the people and they told me that 1 mile on a '98 bike is not believable. So i had to have the Tomos Dealer write out a letter to the Sec. of State stating it has had 1 mile on it. I finally got the moped insured. I'm happy thats over with.

Why can't Illinois or other states be more like Indiana's Moped Laws?

-In Indiana you don't need insurance

-In Indiana you don't need plates

-In Indiana you don't need a title

Just get on and ride. Mopeds are less than 50cc's. I believe modern laws has geared people away from mopeds.

Your lucky if your

Laws are like IN

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Re: fucked up moped laws

Whenever you get a chance to vote ... Make sure you go..

. And vote only for those that promise less Government interference and rules and regulations in your daily life.

And you also want rules that prevent politicians from taking money from companies to help them get elected.

This also means you must take responsibility for your own actions... If you do something stupid, and it is your fault... Live with it... Don't think of suing somebody else.

Re: fucked up moped laws

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That kinda crap was quite a bit of the reason I left Ohio...the Suzuki could not be classed as a moped due to the idiotic amount of restrictions on it.

The few times I rode it, hell yes I rode it illegally, the ticket would be cheaper than going through all the bullshit to put it on the road as a motorcycle...even if I got six of the damned things it'd still have been cheaper.

As far as voting goes, the fact of the matter is that the ability to fix the mess is in the very hands of the folks that desire that it continue the way it is, no way the small segment of the population that rides mopeds can compete with bigtime lobbyists with millions to spend - and if you think those bozos on capitol hill are going to shut off that pipeline to thier pockets yer dreamin.

And if you vote those bozos out, you have more just like em standin right in line, bought and paid for by anyone but the people.

The answer to this is what it has always been, at least for the past 20 years or so - bad press....politicians hate it, because the general uninformed clueless pick up on it and are influanced by it, instead of multibillion dollar campaign crap.

I say we ride around Gov Englers office for a couple of hours with signs on our 'peds expressing our extreme displeasure with more restrictive moped laws and regulations...the press would pick up on it, no doubt, and whether they choose to sympathize or laugh at us - folks will remember this when such laws are mentioned and respond differently.

Not to mention it'd be fun, heh...and prolly get more folks interested in riding them.


Re: fucked up moped laws

Yeah... bad press would have worked... back when people actually read newspapers and the media wasn't simply a ratings driven entertainment show.

Gee... Lets scream night after night about... OJ... or Elian... or Monica... or whatever this weeks "news story" is.... And the press is now almost fully owned by 2 large corporations now (the 3 biggest newspapers in MI are owned by 1)... and why would they want to tell the truth about anything that would adversely affect other large corporations.

And bad press on TV?... Why would TV clue people into the fact that the general public is losing liberties daily to big business interests... When all that political advertising money goes into their pockets?..... In other words TV doesn't ever want to suggest that huge financial contributions to get politicians elected is bad.... because TV is where most of that money ends up.

And to suggest that a few mopedders would not make a difference, while true.... Is shortsighted... It's not just mopeds.. It is every aspect of daily life.... Every day an ant moves another grain of sand that eventually adds up to much bigger consequences as time passes.

And the ants that are doing the grain of sand every day are lobbyists taking government bureaucrats to lunch and inviting them to parties and generally being friendly .. to eventually ask them to help whenever their cause comes up for action.

And by the way... A lot of those lobbyists are paid from profits that insurance companies already make off of us.... They are there to insure that the rules running our lives will be made with wording that increase's their profits off us.

The foxes are in the chicken coop.

Again... regardless of the apparent futility of it... Only vote for people who promise less government rules and regulations that intrude into our lives.

Re: fucked up moped laws

Reeperette /

Very Interesting perspective Fred, this is something I would definately not mind discussing via E-mail, or hell, over coffee, given that as I recall, you are not too far from me.

Feel free to drop any relevant mail on the topic to my box.


Re: fucked up moped laws

Johnny Barrett /

Yeah you lot have it easy..In the uk you have to

Get Insurance (

UK question

gimmiejimmie /


I read in the news last month about a service you have in the uk. When a guy is too drunk to drive, he can call a company that will send someone to the pub on a moped or scooter, then drive the bloke home in his own car with the ped in the boot (trunk). Is that right?, or is it a bicycle?

Also, do mopeds or motorbikes require a government inspection or emission test?

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