77 Puch Newport

So I just picked up a 500 original mile Newport. What engine stuff will fit on it? Maxi kits? Also what are the largest tires I can run (and does anyone know where to get tires? Can't find shit.)


Re: 77 Puch Newport

newports and maxis are the same bike, same engine, pretty much same everything.

Re: 77 Puch Newport

That's what I figured. Just a different option package. I still can't find tires though. Damn. Two bikes that need rubber and nothing in stock anywhere.

Re: 77 Puch Newport

Like you've already found out, tires are backordered everywhere. I have a project that is waiting for a set too.

2.25x17 is a good fit for your bike. I'm not sure if 2.5x17's will fit...I know they won't in a Gazelle, but it's possible with some brands that have a thinner profile.

Re: 77 Puch Newport

Tom Rainwater /

The 2.25 fits, I got some from JC Whitney the Taiwanese brand Sheng-cheng, just to get some new rubber on there.

Re: 77 Puch Newport

Don't think of it as "Just a different option package". Think about it as a Puch finding new way of ripping out the mopeders of the 1970's with the some bike.

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