Moped Militia's numbers up to 11

We just offically added 3 new guys to the Moped Militia

Jordan Mccommons on a honda hobbit

Mike Morretino on a tomos sprnt

Andrew Borgic on a tomos targa

all these guys have been riding with us for a long time, but they just havent gotten their act together until now, but they are all ready to go and now part of the crew. I think we are probally going to pick up some more new guys after big bike weekend on the 11th-13th of october. we will just have to ride with these prospects some more and see if they fit our standrds.

keep riding, and rock on.


Moped Militia

Re: Moped Militia's numbers up to 11

congrats! glad to see you are growing. how far are you from san francisco? i'll be there visiting my girlfriend tomorrow until monday. i have to figure out how to ship her moped to her.

Re: Moped Militia's numbers up to 11

We are probally 3 hours north of san francisco, have fun while yo are there, im sure it is a real good place to ride mopeds.


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