OT: Attn Moped Army PC Tuners.

Haha. I am installing Ubuntu on one of my extra machines (as a secondary OS to Windows - boo on Windows, btw!). For IRE Mark, he goes into the hospital for his second round of surgeries this week.

I need info for the following things:

Installing a Buffalo Air Station Turbo G

Making sure the DVD / CD-RW drive works

A good (easy to use) Document Editor is around for him (OpenOffice?)

Any forums you all would reccomend or any documentation you have would be great!


My work area looks crazy right now (iBook/Second Monitor, Printer, Old HP Laptop, Keyboard, 2 Wireless mouses, iPod I just got from my sister, and BlackBerry haha)

Re: OT: Attn Moped Army PC Tuners.

dude getting those drivers on Ubuntu is such an annoying process. Get on a help forum they have a great one on there website.

you have to get into the kernel similar to windows cmd prompt.

Check the help forums on ubuntu

Re: OT: Attn Moped Army PC Tuners.

Abiword and open office are both decent. Abiword is a bit smaller.

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