anyone have a tomos registered in ny? class b or c

tried to register today and was told it was a class b i thought 49 cc was class c, does anyone have one registered and if so what class mine is a 1998 tomos targa lx thanks guys

and if your some wise ass thats gonna reply to this with slander or negativity please find something better to do with you time thank you

A,B,C, speed rated

Based on speed, not engine size.

Class C 20 and under mph.

Class B 20-30

Class A 40+



Re: anyone have a tomos registered in ny? class b

a, b, and c classes are based on the top speed of the bike. the dmv has their official list of approved mopeds and their respective classes.

a class top speed is 30mph+

b class top speed is 20-30mph

c class top speed is 20mph.

Unlike Puch, Motobecane, and others, I don't believe Tomos ever made slower versions of their mopeds. Class B is the correct class for your ped.

Re: A,B,C, speed rated

Larry Picarello /

Steve ( Steve's Mopeds) swears to me they can be registered as a class "C".

Re: anyone have a tomos registered in ny? class b

yeah, NY state is a bitch... i recently tried to register my motobecane as a class C but right on the plate above the vin number it says max speed 30 mph, so they made me buy insurance for a class B... the bike actually goes 35 stock, so i'm glad it didn't say that on the bike instead, because then it'd be class A and i'd have to get a class M licence... Class B isn't a big deal.... my insurance is $75 for an entire year, which comes to about $6.25/month, which is next to nothing.

A,B,C, speed rated

thanks lyman

wassup buddy the puch is runnin strong

Re: thanks lyman

i have my tomos registered as a class "c" but you have to know how to do it

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