Puch problems

I got a free puch and its in nice shape... but it needed a new back tire and tube and a clean carb so i did both and while i was cleaning the carb i lose the float needle and when it started i noticed the bike kicked at about 15 mph ( yea i know now its a 2spd) so i change the transmission fluid im not sure how much i put in but im quite sure it wasnt 9.5 oz it was type f so i was either going to need a new carb or a new float needle so i decided to go with the 15 mm bing and here are the list of parts that i ordered from mopedwarehouse

15 mm bing

14 mm intake

hi flow air filter

proma circuit exaust with correct carb jet

fuel filter

back tube

so i finally get all the parts on and it idles at 7 mph so i adjusted the idle screw and it went down to about 5 mph so i took the bowl off the carb and backed out the jet 1/2 a turn and i didnt see any big difference there either so now im stumped and the other thing is it only tops out at 26 mph which is what it did before all those parts listed above... so anyhelp would be great or suggestions

Re: Puch problems

Wonder if your compression is O.K.. Maybe you could stand a new set of rings. Other than that, it seems that you should be running our pretty strong. Do the finger compression test.

Re: Puch problems

InfectedBootSector /

Read Fred's guide. After you do all that, call us back :)

Puch's are tough beasts, and will run good and strong when you get em in tune.


The jet should be all the way tight bro. Do a plug chop. My guess is that your top is only 26 because you are running rich. If you do a plug chop and it is really dark, take a look and see what size jet is in there. Sometimes those 15mm bings come with way rich jets. Phillips just got one, and it had an 80 in it. He had to go down to a 60.

Puch problems

the main problem is that i am fairly certain that the throttle is stuck up but i am not sure why... when i had the old carb on it didnt idle at all but i never messed with it because i only rode it around like twice so i think the cabel is long enough but is there an adjustment by the handle beacuse the one in the carb is all the way down

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