Build Your Own Expansion Pipe

Brandon E. /

I found this site with a Java program that you can use to design your own expansion chamber exhaust tuned to the exact specs of your engine.

Re: Build Your Own Expansion Pipe

gimmiejimmie /

Great site, good design info...Rocket Science.

Can't I use a coffee can with holes punched in it?

Too complex for this dummy, I'll get me one of them there store bought biturbos

I think thats the secret plans for the Profs' rocket car,how 'd you get them?

Re: Build Your Own Expansion Pipe

Brandon E. /

How did I find it? Good old fashioned computer hacking. (My brother came across it in a search engine) My brother (not much of a mopedder) used it to build a pipe for his goped. He had to guesstimate most of the figures, so the straight pipe header he built instead worked better. He had to put a bunch of curves in it and it came up about 8 inches short as a result. It's kind of cool that there's a program like that for free, though. Don't you think?

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