my motobecane wont start

my motobecane wont start after its been running let it go for 1/2 hr then it fires up again it used to start strait away ive just rebuit the engine and starts great but now is playing up also it go muchfaster if i remove the air cleaner and filter ! i know its not good for it but the improvement is great!

Re: my motobecane wont start

Matt Lorence /

I used to have problems with something like vapor lock, the gas in the carb would get so hot, it would turn to vapor. It would take alot of pedaling to get the carb filled back up so it would start.

Re: my motobecane wont start

It may also be a bad condenser - this was my problem with similar symptoms.


Re: my motobecane wont start

where is the condenser located

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