Seattle Halloween?

Yo anyone in Seattle having a moped freindly Halloween party or know of anything going on? I want to cruise the streets on my Garelli this evening with some mopeds!


Re: Seattle Halloween?

There's a huuuuuuge party taking place.

get ahold of arianna for details :

Re: Seattle Halloween?

Actually Ryan's ass is open wide to accept all that are willing. So accordingly the party is in his pants.

Re: Seattle Halloween?

I wish I was attending this moped related Halloween celebration. Alas, I am still fortunate to be attending a Bicycle jumping related Halloween celebration instead. I guess I have nothing to complain about.

Hope to see your moped riding asses on Monday night soon, Mosquitos. Been moving, hence, less free to join the last couple nights..

Re: Seattle Halloween?

garelli steve,come hang out at a moped monday. huckersteve, come hang out again when you get a chance.

Re: Seattle Halloween?

Good times last night you guys. It was good to be out on my Vespar, even though the poor thing was the slow one in the group! Seth and Garelli Steve- did both you fools make it home under power? It looked like Seth must have run dry? Steve last I saw you it looked like you were running so I hope you made it to the old lady's house.

Tony, how about you? Home alive? As for the rest of the group, I was a little nervous about gas so I turned for home after stopping for Tony as I had 20 miles to go to my front door in Lakeridge AKA Skyway. So glad I brought my rubber ducky suit last night, and that the Vespa apparently holds lots of fuel.

My friend Jason (New ST) had a good time too I think he made it to the bar for a last round with you all.

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