Street Vibrations!!

Rick Fiddler /

I had some great fun this weekend. We have a big annual motorcycle rally here in Reno called street vibrations. It's like 20,000 Harley Davidson full leather and everything. So I take my 1980 Tomos with a bi-turbo exhaust, top speed about 37 mph, down through downtown and crusie around for about an hour with the big boys. The ones that would acknowledge me were pretty friendly, and every once in a while you get a holler from someone watching the cruise like way-to-go. These things were so loud sometimes at a stop light I couldn't tell if the Tomos was still running. I couldn

t decide if I needed some black leather and fringe or maybe highwater pants and a pocket protector.

Great Fun.


Re: Street Vibrations!!

cool harleys davidsons are the best then mopeds lol

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