tomos base gasket

2001 Tomos Targa A35

Techno Exhaust

27 Tooth Sprocket

#58 main jet w/ported airbox

I'm getting good performance even now, but...

What effect would adding a second base gasket have on the powerband?

I have been givvn instructions on porting the exhaust for better performance. but I don't want to try that yet until I practice on something else.

It seems that it may increase my top end due to the transfer and exhaust ports being open longer, but will it hurt my low rpm performance too badly?

Any input would help, thanks

Re: tomos base gasket


tomos base gasket

I have already described this.

Do a search here for 'spacer plate'

Just try it .. its harmless .. you won't ruin anything .. it should gain you a little top end and lose a little low end .. (because of a loss of compression)

Most people don't like to lose the low end.

Re: tomos base gasket

Hello, I bought a piston w/base gasket off ebay, it was made in Italy, the gasket looked to be about 3 times as thick as standard, the piston..... you could see the great craftmanship..... this bike I installed it on, 93 Tomos TT A-35, will haul ass !!! Never saw anymore like it. Yes, I would double it. Doug D.

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