Stinky solutions

Does any one have any more ideas on ho to de skunk me and my very skunky ped.

The boy who wants to be a skunk


Re: Stinky solutions

Animal clinics have a solution they put on dogs that get sprayed. Maybe they will sell you some. bruce

Re: Stinky solutions

but what if that doent work and i still smell bad?

Should i go out and get a skunk costume and then ill really be a stinky skunk. riding around on my stinky ped.

God i want to be a skunk.

Re: Stinky solutions

any sugestions if the vet solution doesnt work

Re: Stinky solutions

yeah...stay away from skunks....just kidding, red wine vinegar neutralizes the odor, I don't know if that will work on the ped. Go in the shower with a big jug of it and go nuts

Re: Stinky solutions

you'll always smell bad....just something you'll have to deal with

Re: Stinky solutions

mikeconsig /

or tomato paste

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