would drilling help

i have a tomos delorto airbox i heard some guy talking about drilling wholes for more performance would drilling a hole in my airbox help at all or is it just stupid

Re: would drilling help

depends on how big and where it is...

Would drilling holes in Airbox help Perf.?

I was told that drilling holes in my QT airbox would help. I have not done this, so I can't comment.

I do know that making the bike 'breathe' better is usually one of the first steps in fine tuning for performance.

Re: Would drilling holes in Airbox help Perf.?

Jon Selzer /

ok were would be the place to drill the holes and how big do u think

Re: would drilling help Tomos

trike will get this one--- wait till he checks in. tomos guru of the forum.

that'll be solid info.... search for tomos airbox use all dates

Just pull the damn thing.

There's nowhere to drill holes that would be very helpful cause of the way a Tomos airbox is mounted.

However, you can just pull the airbox entire, leaving the airfilter, rubber boot and clamp in place.

You'll have to jet way, way richer, but it would indeed help performance quite a bit.

Again, might I suggest using the SEARCH function, cause we've been over this more than a few times.


Re: Just pull the damn thing.

what do u mean add more two stroke to the mixture

Re: Just pull the damn thing.

Trike means that if you remove your airbox, you'll decrease the fuel/air ratio because you'll be letting in so much more air relative to the fuel. You'll need to take the fuel content up as well, and this is done by replacing the jet in the carburetor. If you don't rejet, you'll run too lean which will ultimately cause overheating and a piston seizure.

See Fred's article on How to Fix Your Moped for tips on how to select the right jet for your engine. Anytime you make any changes to your powertrain you need to make sure that your jet is appropriate for that configuration or you risk ruining the engine.

Re: Just pull the damn thing.

Antoine Caron-Jobin /

doesnt it make it richer if we add more oil? why dont we put more oil to compensate the mod?

Re: Just pull the damn thing.

That's what I've done and it seems to work just fine. 1/2 ounce more per gallon of gas. My air box looks like swiss cheese.

Re: Just pull the damn thing.

Antoine Caron-Jobin /

so if you do that you dont need a bigger jet?

Re: Just pull the damn thing.

Brendan Chenelle /

yeah you do. Well, not all bikes need to rejet after drilling. It depends how rich they were running origionally. Do a plug chop to see f youneed to rejet.

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