drill bits and carbs

ya so if i drill the main jet in my carb instead of using a bit of copper wire am i screwed or is there any help?

The ole engine will turn over and run for a bit but promptly dies and the exhaust smells rich, i figure it's flooding out cause of a certain idiot who used a drill bit! doh

Re: drill bits and carbs

.Ha ha ha... Ahhh... We've all done stuff like that.

I would just buy a new main jet... they shouldn't be more than $3 or $4

But ....Are you sure it isn't just a fouled spark plug?

When you used the drill bit.... Did you see any fresh shiny brass shavings come out on the drill bit?... If you did then yeah i would get a new main jet.

Re: drill bits and carbs

hey man

be sure to clean out the carby too while you*re at it.

Re: drill bits and carbs

thanks guys, so where can i get my hands on a main jet? in desperation, i pounded some copper wire into the hole i made in an attempt to make the massive hole a little smaller. i did get the ped to run eh, just not so well.

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