hiring help/ giving up

Okay, after weeks of not being able to figure out why my Piaggio Grande craps out every time I get going anywhere I am ready to have a pro look at it. Where oh where could I find a repairman in New Haven Connecticut??

Finding a repair shop (Connecticut)

Try the resources section, then links-- find links to dealers.

moped2.org has a lot of dealers listed.

Finally, use Switchboard or any internet yellow pages to look up bike shops in the area.

Or, go to the Piaggio site (vespa, right?) and find the list of authorized dealers.

Use the search engines to find Piaggio and Connecticut.

Maybe some peeps from Connecticut can give you a yell, if they know.

Worst case, get the physical phone book, call every local dealer, ask them to work on it, and if not, ask for a referral to another shop. You can always call a small engine shop, if the main shops are jerks. (don't be suprised if they are)

Re: hiring help/ giving up

I would look towards a condenser. If yours has one. I had a similar problem on my ped, It ran great and then all of a sudden woudln't run at all. I checked the carb the points everything was cleaned. Still no spark. Then I got a new set of points and a condenser from MopedJunkyard(shitheads) the condenser they sold me was crap. But the situation was different. the ped would go for a little bit then start acting all jerky. Then not run at all till it cooled off. When I checked for spark w/ the new condenser it would make spark..sometimes.. The condenser was beaten tight again with a screw driver and I was able to get 300 miles out before it crapped out again.

I went and read your other posts, i had similar experiences...

but like i said I don't know if you have a condenser

Re: hiring help/ giving up

I'm from ct...I know there's a moped shop in bristol or farmington, I'm not sure, it's right off of route 10. THere's got to be something in new haven though, cuz I bet a lot of those yalies have mopeds.

Re: hiring help/ giving up

Have you tried Freds Guide? Or can you tell us what problems you are experiencing? If you take it somewhere, they are going to charge you 50 bucks an hour, and you're going to spend a shitload of money.

Re: hiring help/ giving up

david f martin /

... and the kid working on it might not know any more than you do.


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