i have a 1989 golden bulet tt lx with a bi turbo and i am wondering if anyone knows how i could make it go a little faster on flat and up hills right now it does about 30 but alot of the roads are 35 around here if any sugestions or a trade for a good faster moped ill trade mine for it please wright :jon

Re: help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

oh yeh if anyone knows how to tune up these beast please tell me how

Re: Gear for speed (Tomos)

You'll lose some take-off quickness(use those pedals!)

but you'll gain the top end. (faster bike)

other than a really good tuning, cleaning and maybe a better carb....although I'm not certain the perf carbs do a lot w/o the 70cc kit.

FYI, try to put more info in your post header. There's a ton of people who would jump on a thread about modding a tomos, but your post was somewhat vague... it could miss the target audience.

A lot of spam starts with:


Did you know......

Remember that thing?

you aren't spam... but your thread could look that way. Don't forget to search the forum archive and read as much about your bike as possible. That's only going to help you squeeze a few extra MPH out of it.



I reccommend using the forums SEARCH function, cause I've answered this one several times over in previous posts.

Try it, you'll have a buncha useful stuff in no time.


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