My scoot sounds like a harley


I have a tiny 49cc scooter. One day, it just started sounding like a harley. It's quite embarassing because everytime I pass people, they expect a harley passing by because of the noice. There have been times that they laugh at my face as soon as they see the scooter.

How do I lower the noise level of my baby?



Re: My scoot sounds like a harley

Sebastian /


i own a Puch maxi-luxe and i decided one day to clean out my exhuast when i put it back together it sounded like a harley. i haven't fixed it since and ride around and enjoy the laughter i get from people and you should too. Just think when they laugh at you it's because of what you ride, but when you laugh back at them you laugh because they drive a huge car that takes up about 20-40 dollars a week on gas, you also laugh because they alomst always bring there car to a machanic and you can fix your moped in 2 secs. in your own garage.

But for the sound don't worry about it, as long as nothing enters the engine except gas and oil then you will not have any problems.

Re: My scoot sounds like a harley

What kind of bike? Something's wrong with it.

You don't just "start your bike one day" and find out it's loud as hell.

Is the muffler loose? near the head?

Did you backfire recently? perhaps blowing out the wadding?

I know lots of people WANT to make their mopeds louder. But if it just started 'out of the blue' with no other symptoms or warnings.... something is going wrong.

If you're okay with the noise that's cool. but I would be concerned with tracking down the "why" it's suddenly 3 times louder.

Check the obvious nuts and the scooter brand/model so other owners can help.

Good luck!


Re: My scoot sounds like a harley

Wayne is right.

You have some problem, and it may be causing performance issues, especially if it is a 2 stroke.

You need some sort of resonance on a 2 stroke to make it work properly. With a leaky exhaust, you lose this backpressure as well as make the bike run lean, plus it makes em sound like crap.

If its a 4 stroke, its going to get real crappy gas milage, and the heat doesn't disipate properly.

Re: My scoot sounds like a harley

Cool. Thanks! I'm glad I'm not alone!

Re: My scoot sounds like a harley

Hey Wayne,

It's a qingqi TS50QT. I have a feeling the thing is going to blow up soon. Smoke is all over the engine. I may have to replace the exhaust all together.

Re: My scoot sounds like a harley

It's a two stroke. What should I do?

Re: My scoot sounds like a harley

ya sounds like you ma need a new exhaust

Re: My scoot sounds like a harley

couldn't find a link to that bike. Would like to see it. Makes me thing of the jing chen knights <sp> which were supposed to be really bad-ass little bikes.

do you have a local dealer or service center? from your post it sounds like you aren't fixing it yourself. Is there another name your bike goes by?

If I were in your shoes, I'd try to find a new performance exhaust. Assuming it's a 2-stroke. there's a lot of stuff available.

I don't know that running it with a leaky exhaust will hurt the engine (maybe the performance) but you don't want stuff to start falling off either.

if you're scared you bike is on its last leg, you might want to consider an overhaul (cheap $$ even if you don't do it yourself) or at least have it looked at.

depends if you want to ride it into the ground and have a rat bike to beat on, or if you want to have a good ride for a while longer. Didn't you post about 'chinese crap'

did the dealers hassle you? that sucks, I know. with the cold weather, if you have a place to work you could fix it yourself..... cheap option.

post a pic or a link to your bike... I'd like to see it. Is it a sundiro? sorry i was slamming them, different class of machine, and I'm in love with my current scoot.


Re: My scoot sounds like a harley

what kind of ped is it

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