stolen bike

hey peeps, i need your help.

my bike was stolen today. its a red trek 3700, with a black and silver stripe each going down the top and lower bar.

its a 26" wheel. the left side crank might be loose by now, i'm not sure how hard the guy was peddeling, with the peddels outside missing. the right pedal is cracked down the center and is splitting off. that might have come of by now if he was stupid. also the left hand gear changer has a crack in the housing, its one of those with the 2 prongs so you dont lift your hands.

it is registered, and the police are watching pawn shops for it, but i'm not sure they'd bring in. so if you see if please either grab it or tell me. i might put a 15-25 reward on it but i'm not sure, moneys kinda short for me atm.

it was stolen from the s/e side at burton and kalamazoo at the admiral station by my house. it could be anywhere in the general vecinity or farther out. if you have any information contact me PLEASE! my number is 616-916-9593 thats my cell phone, just leave a message if its from 7:35 to 2:35 though. i'll be in school.

thnx ~michael~

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