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Nah, didn't explode, but I had ya for a minnit there, didn't I ?

Bitch royale to start this morning, I hate that about Tomos mopeds... they'll start cold as a meat locker, they'll start in the blazing heat, but if they're just warm ? suddenly they become more recalcitrant than a senile old mule.

And it was hard to start to begin with, so I wound up "priming" it by removing the plug and dribbling gas right in the cylinder, then smackin the plug back in there and givin her the old hand spin crank, where ya grab the pedal by hand and muscle it round and round till she fires.

Finally got her started and headed off, and rolled into the gas station after the first and shortest errand.

Damn thing pulled a no-spark/no-fire on me after fueling up, and out came the toolkit, and off came the tail light, sure enough, blown.

Crosswired it and humped it across the street and down 1/4 mile and grabbed another bulb.

The spare in my toolkit kinda got crunched, prolly when I bottomed out on that speedbump a while back.

Anyhow, no big issue, stuff like that happens, and on to errand #2, I do notice that the engine is lugging really, really bad at stoplights and I have to more or less jam the brake and hold the throttle almost wide open to keep her running.

I am makin the left to pull in to errand#2 and right in the middle of the left turn, Bwaaaahhh kerCHUNK Phuttssss..

Talk about friggin panic factor! especially being eye to bumper with an oncoming SUV with a driver who's not even lookin in your direction, but out his damn window!

(Yeah, she's a hottie, but look where yer GOING moron!)

I'm right glad I still have my pedals, and had I spun em any faster the damn thing might have popped a wheelie, I went total pyscho on em and was out of the way looong before that SUV got to where I used to be sitting, dead in the water.

I truly, truly hate left turns.. it makes a moped such a sitting duck target, really it does, and being dead in the water in the midst of one, especially after being nearly killed that way before is kinda upsetting, ya know.

Pedalled into a parking space and out came the tools again, it was a fouled plug - I was getting annoyed, and a bit concerned, but replaced the plug with a new one, and completed errand#2 and went for the long one.

Hadda pass right by the apt complex on the way, and just as I come out of it and slow down in preparation for the left onto the service drive... Bwaaaaah kerCHUNK Phuttsss... only, this time thankfully BEFORE the left turn.

Out came the tools, out came the plug, fouled again - and with the complex right there, and with the thought in mind that if that happened AGAIN during a left turn I could be doing my bug on the windshield impersonation once more, it occured to me that there's a pretty fine line between courage and insanity, one I rarely notice save for the mortified shrieks of my girlfriend when I step over it. (and rather often, to her chagrin)

But to continue this insane endeavor at that point was beyond even insanity, into plain, frank stupidity, it was just plain too damned dangerous to continue, not only was I riskin my arse here, I was also endangering my precious set of wheels, and I didn't really wanna do that.

So, I pedalled her through the parkin lot, locked her up, and pushed back errand#3 till tomorrow, guess I'll push the cage, much as I'd rather not.

Oh well, only 32 days till I can do a full teardown and make that ped work RIGHT.

With another plug in, she did fire up and run, mind, but in this case the rider gave out before the moped did.


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