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Well, we're about to find out if my impression of Tomos solidity holds up today, that's for sure.

I have about 67 miles of errand running today, which I must get off to as soon as I finish this post, and which cannot be done with the car because my girl has a college class she must attend on her lunch break.

The trike still needs some decent form of chain adjustment, and a good carb cleaning, as well as exhaust and tuning issues, not to mention an overrich mixture problem, and the fact that it takes 14 miles to warm up and burn out enough of that gunk to run well.

Can't DO much about it since the apt complex here screams bloody murder if I even change the spark plug in their parking lot, and I don't currently have the time to drag it 14 to 30 miles away and work on it all day, then ride it back.

32 days and I shall have a garage of mine own (Yippee!) where I can take all the friggin time in the world, but till then, I've had to run the trike in less than acceptable condition, and so far it's been pretty heroic in it's performance.

The route is pretty tortuous and would be even for a mint 'ped, including at least two nasty stretches of dirt and gravel as well as some stretches with little or no shoulder and a high speed limit which are heavily travelled.

There's also a lot of tight quarters city and small town bits, which I consider the most dangerous cause those folks are usually paying less attention than they should be.

So, imma go gas her up, and rock da house, it's a gorgeous day for it up here, temps supposed to 86 degrees and just plain perfect weather for a stunt like this, even on a ped so desperately in need of maintainence it's not gonna get for another month.

When I return, you get to find out if this Tomos is as tough as I am tellin it, or whether it required a rescue....

Me, I am bettin the bike, all the way.


This single post is part of a larger thread. Start from the top or view this post in context.
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