Helmet Poll:

Ataristyle /

Just curious how many people are wearing helmets when driving their 'peds.

Re: Helmet Poll:

i do a full helmet sweet hjc

Re: Helmet Poll:

gimmejimmie /

I wear a shoe box with a duct tape chin strap, works great till it rains.

Re: Helmet Poll:

Ron Brown /

Block head! :-)

Re: Helmet Poll:

Reeperette /

I use an old Bell 3/4 open face...I cannot stand face shields, even the really nice Shoei "fog free" (Bullshit!) jobbie fogged up on me and was distortive to vision.

My pref is a 3/4 Open Face with visor and goggles, with blood type and medical allergies painted on just above the visor itself for the aid of the EMT's should bad things happen to ya.

I always wear one, it's saved my arse many a time..but then I wear body armor under my jacket too, for much the same reasons.


Re: Helmet Poll:

i wear a helmet. black bieffe. i love it

Re: Helmet Poll:

gimmiejimmie /

No, Panhead...

I sold my lid on E-Bay and used the money to invest in the Professor's rocket car.

Re: Helmet Poll:

Ron Brown /


Helmet Poll ???

Why would I want a Poll on my Helmet?

How long would this poll be ?

I wear a helmet about 60% of the time.

Re: Helmet Poll ???

david f martin /

I live in SC, the anti-helmet capital of the world. I don't currently wear a helmet, but since I had that wipe-out a couple of weeks ago, I'm considering a Swiss army helmet from european military surplus...


Re: Helmet Poll:

Ray Andrews /

I do, I've been in a car accident and fully understand the force

of impact when my head hit's obstacles at 30+ Mph.

- Jaw and nose each broke in two places

- Several perfectly good teeth ruined

- Weeks of pain.

The bucket only costs about $50, and besides, your already

being laughed at because your on a moped :-) so why not.

Re: Helmet Poll:

i dipped my head in a bucket of cement and left it there permanently, so i never have to worry about putting on a helmet.

Re: Helmet Poll:

Ron Brown /


Nice hair!

Did you mention that no one wanted to ride with you....


Re: Helmet Poll:

what, do you think my helmet has something to do with it?

Re: Helmet Poll:

Ron Brown /


I was thinking more of the cement mousse (sp).

Actually, I'm just jealous of anyone who still has hair!


Re: Helmet Poll:

scooter trash /

I live in Florida, and in Fla we have fought for the right of "let those who ride, decide" - I still cant believe we won this one and had the law changed !!!!

Anyway, here in the deep south, we dont like a lot of govt telling us what to do, and we love our guns. oops , sorry , let me get off this soap box

to answer your simple question, i never wear a helmet when im out on my 50cc scooter- just a pair of glasses so i can feel the wind in my hair and sun on my face

however, when i ride a full sized motorcycle on the open road, yes - i wear a full face helmet,

but not when Im out for a purely therapeutic ride on my 50 cc Kymco People model

i do have a lot of respect for people who always wear a helmet though. i wish i were as disciplined

ride safe

Re: Helmet Poll:

where can i get a swiss army helmet?! i so want one. ... but i never wear a helmet when riding.

i've long since adopted the motto of one of my best friends ... "it's all about style."

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