damn discovery channel

Alright.. i spent the last 4 hours watching diffren't hour long motorcycle shows centered around various bikes weeks and choppers..

Call me friggin nuts.. but I want to design a brand new Custom Moped..

Not just some hack job but a true showped... that would be awesome.. use some of the classic lowrider Bicycle and some classic Chopper Designs and make a True ShowPed

I want this thread to be Serious and Helpful.. Links.. Ideas .. Parts Suggestions.. Color schemes and Such... anything welcome...

This is something that will Take a long time and will get alot of consideration to even determine if it is something that can be done.. I'd like to get a group of us together put our heads together and really try it..... and Group Effort.

Re: damn discovery channel

is this a moped


Re: damn discovery channel

yeah i saw those shows too. They have this cable that when power goes through it, it lights up. Id put that as the spark plug wire to make a blinking effect on it. plus, the faster you go, the fastewr it blinks. Or you could put the nos on the sides of the tanks like the guy did.

Re: damn discovery channel

Do you have any welding and machining experience?

are you talking "jesse james" type stuff?

that dude hammers his tanks by hand!

The very first step, obviously, is to draw a frame. Look at the best mopeds going, and merge all the frame designs into a working paper or autocad copy.

Hardtail? softtail?

Chopped out or racing straight forks...?

I wonder how you register a bike you built yourself.... no title, or bill of sale.... it might be easier to buy a junk ped and use that VIN#--- spot weld or epoxy the VIN right to the frame you build.

If you've got the right frame--- you could add ANY size engine....and the VIN would always indicate "moped" for registration purposes. Who cares if the only part of the original puch is the Vin# plate.... ?

Great idea duck--- I was thinking the same when I watched the dude hammering cool tanks. Course, I've got no metalworking tools, torches...I don't think I even have a ball-peen hammer.

If you've got access to a machine shop, and tool knowledge, I think you could do it.

First step: Design a frame.


Dude, find a Pryer rear end and Trike one, then trick it out any way ya like...

The trike-mods are so rare that each one is prettymuch unique, and as a platform for customising, you have even more options for even wilder stuff.

Just some thought on it.



My advice- get some chopper magazines and look at what they are doing now. If you want a show only bike, it dosn't have to run, just look good... but that's the cheeze-way to do it. Pick a theme, a color group -like 3 colors that go together and use them for everything. Check out local shops, see what they can do for you, and what type of accessories they can dig up for you-- Tell them what you are doing, and they may want to help, or even do one of their own, which is good because there will be more showing off and it will make you do a better job.

Get your idea roughed out on paper first. Draw the top, sides and front and rear. Don't get totally married to the idea, things will come up an you'll have to change.

The other thing about customs- most people start out simple, and get a little wilder with each one they do. You probably don't want to change the whole frame structure on your first try.

The most important thing- follow through with it, and finish the thing.

Re: damn discovery channel

I know in IL it's not too hard to register a custom built bike, you take it in for inspection, and they issue a VIN for it and create a title for it.

Re: Duck's Skills

Duck-- What'cha have for metal skills? and equipment... access to a shop?

I have no problem asking you this, because my own skills are sparse... particularly on welding, using auto-cad, machining... and precision measurements.

I still think the VERY first thing, more important than color is designing a cool frame. Untill you have an actual physical custom metal frame sitting in your workshop, the project remains in limbo.

You could build an entire virtual bike before making anything, but I think a moped would be simple enough that you could set your sights on creating a frame and move from there.

Re: Duck's Skills

I have a lot of cad and drafting experience. One thing I've learned is that it's really hard to "just put" anything in CAD. I'm not saying that it's worthless, but I wouldn't use it for anything but preliminary layout, and idea generation. It's too restrictive to be useful a lot of times, unless you are really good at it. As for laying out a jig or something, it won't help much. Finding someone who has actually done work like what you want to do is much more valuable.

That's also why I say start out simple and work your way to wild.

There is a huge difference between Virtual and reality Wayne- ask any contractor about the difference between blueprints, as builts and what is actually there. There are a lot of shoulds and oughts but only one is.

Re: damn discovery channel

As for techniques- look up information on some of the "master builders" out there.

I know more about the car- customizers, and would recommend looking up George Barris, Daryl Starbird, Boyd Coddigan, Bill Heinz and Ed "Big Daddy" Roth. Each had different Techniques, influences and styles.

Ed Roth is my favorite. He created Ratfink, several cars, and choppers. He used Fiberglass for his bodies, but made the whole mock-up out of plaster, and then laid the fiberglass over it. Whenever the glass cured, he would knock the plaster out and start refining the Fiberglass shell.

Daryl Starbird used conduit and metal rod to define his shapes, and then cut and hammered pieces of metal to the right shape and welded the pieces together.

Re: damn discovery channel

Well Wayne... as far as metal working skills go.. I took wleding classes all through out highschool and weorked at a fire sprinkler shop for 2 years where my sole job was to bent cut and weld pipe..... However it has been probly 4 or 5 years since I even looked at a welder.

I have Access to a cutting torch and a Mig welder.. think an arc too.. My girlfreind pop had a complete metal working shop and he recently passed away the kids are slowly getting rid of his "junk" but I don't think they have touched any of the metal working equipment. He spent his free time making barbe-que grills and such... Mainly what I would do... convert old water heaters and 60 gallon drums into useful stuff.... deer feeders.. and making the occasional tree stand.

I was thinking maybe it would be best to use parts from all sorts of bikes instead of coutomising everything like jessie James does. (however that would be way cool)

Maybe a Heavy modified moped more then complete coustom.... but so rad you might think it was coustom built.

I dunno auto cad sounds sweet as hell.... I might try and do some drawings too... I'd like a 3 or 5 speed gear box ...

cool exhuast... coustom wheels maybe a slightly longer fork

monkey bars.... maybe sadd some metal to strecth the frame a little longer a few inches.. maybe up to 6 or so...

maybe a top tank version since the tank is already the shape you need just do a diffren't downtube and cross memeber

I duno I just want to do something totaly nuts but I don't know how easy it would be alone.. even jesse has 3 or 4 others constantly working on teh same projects as him


this is wha tI was wanting to get from ebay to stat off with for our showped.. however the guy wont ship.. i emailed and ask him if he would just to get ride of it and he hasn't written back .... for 10 bucks I could have had something to start working with.


Re: Damn..

I wish I could remember the link. there was a super-modded moped, so modded you couldn't tell the brand. i think it had stars on it, and was way chopped out.

I know some of the regs will remember it--- even if they don't remember the thread.

It seems like it had a "bananna" seat, but with a steep curve.

sweet little bike. Theres probably a photo here in the archives, if you knew what brand it was.

I think there's a 'custom' under photos. have you checked out the bikes in there?

Cool customs from site archives

Duck, you probably checked these out, but I thought I'd post my favorites.




I didn't see the one I was thinking of-- but these are some cool bikes. I think I like the choppers the best--bet ya they're hard to control.

P.S. Trike-- -is that your trike in the customs? Wow. That's a damn sweet looking bike.


Re: Cool customs from site archives


is this the one you were looking for? Check out the green one in the background.

I think the moped mostly came like this... I wonder if there are any in the states.

Re: Cool customs from site archives

Re: Cool customs from site archives

I remember the checkerboard floor, although i'm not certain those bikes were the ones... very similar to the one I'm remembering though. And, since I remembered the checkerboard floor, It was probably a previous project by the same guys.

Those are some sweet bikes. Wow. the green one in back.... I want a better look.

Don't forget Bond-o

Don't you ever ever forget the wonderful sculptablity of bond-o

Just don't try using a blender t mix it...

Re: Don't forget Bond-o

mikeconsig /

Ahh bond-o, what would the world be without it?

Rusty cars that people couldn't cover up, that's what.


That huge monster probably dogs it at maybe 15mph at best, if it's really running a Tomos engine, which I doubt.

Take a good, close look at it, and tell me if YOU think that's really a Tomos under alla that...

Anyhow, no - the attached pic is MY Trike, still unfinished.


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