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I currently have 3 honda express my kick start on one got stuck so I TOOk the housing off and put it on another one but there is one little round spring that I am not sure where it goes. could someone please tell me where this goes if you have a picture It would be great. sorry dont know much about mopeds and scooters, thnks

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Hey Alden

I have no way to help you.... Ive tried to get Express help too but no one bothers.

I have a manual i can send an exploded view of the housing.

but im at school now, so ill post back

Re: honda express help (use a search!)

Russ S. has a couple of expresses. They're tough to mod, and aren't true mopeds, though they are about the closest you can get to a moped without actually having pedals.

Unlike 'normal' mopeds, they run on a belt and seem to be less common than the euro peds. Maybe why no one knows a lot about them.

I'm pretty sure that Russ has one with a bad kickstart.... not sure if he's fixed it yet.

He's in the directory under maine... zap him an e-mail. it's worth a try.

And, search the forum (all dates) . there IS a lot of express info in there. Also known as the NC50 or NC-50

Re: honda express help (use a search!)

the spring goes in where the kick starter goes

Re: honda express help

thats because most people with Expresses go to

(I think thats what it is)

Its not as good as here .. but they have already answered all the Express questions over there (I would think)

Re: honda express help

e-mail me at and i can fax a copy of the area you attach spring . i did the same thing and bought extra springs from a junkyard for when i break another ..

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