Site problem, Simon

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The "Latest Posts" forum is not showing anything for the past couple of days. Is this something you can fix?



Re: Site problem, Simon

I've been noticing it too. I click on the link for the specific thread and my post is there, but it seems like there is a lag between posting and seeing it on the "latest posts" page.

I think it has something to do with Cache/refresh.... never seen it happening before.

At first, I didn't think my posts were getting through--- !

Re: Site problem, Simon

John Lieberman /

Seems to be OK today. Either Simon's paying attention or it fixed itself.

Re: Site problem, Simon

iv notest that when i go on this site its dos not loge in autimaticley all the time so i have to loge in a resave it to my favorites..BILL

Re: Site problem, Simon

When you log in, do you check the box that says "Remember me"? What browser type/version and operating system are you running?

As for the latest posts not updating, Wayne was right, it's a caching issue. It doesn't update until someone makes a new post, and I think currently that post has to be in the General Forum. This is a way to keep the bandwidth down for those of you that are hitting the latest posts page over and over. For the most part it works out, since people post to the General forum way more than any other.

You can always just tell from the "new" notation next to the posts in the regular forum view.


Re: Bandwidth/OS X

I like the change. It wil save on bandwidth, and I'm one of the ones who's always re-loading the recent posts.

Most of my machines at home default to the 'recent posts' as the home page whenever I run IE , and at work, I press a key combo to shortcut right to recent posts--

It should cut down the bandwidth I consume--- and if there's no new posts....why send the whole page as a refresh...?!

I still run into some weird cutting and pasting within OS X, but I use 9.2 or some version of 9 on most of my machines. No problems with 9.

Just an FYI-- I've got an easy workaround--- select all the text, paste to a stickie note, then edit from there. Not a pain at all.

I never use the 'quote' feature, but that's probably a workaround for cutting/pasting also.

As always, Simon--- Thanks for one of the best sites on the web.


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