Motori Minarelli Fan unit?

Forrest Smith /

Just got my 1980 Motron running, it runs great! But it is missing the fan, and the fan shroud. Is this something I should worry about? Does it help alot with cooling? And does anybody know where I could get one? Thanks for the help

Re: Motori Minarelli Fan unit?

yes, it will help w/ cooling. but more important, the fan is the flywheel cover. having at least the black plastic cover (the one w/ the fins) will keep dust and debris from getting inside your staterplate and points and things like that.

you can probably get those parts from any moped shop. call akron mopeds, ike's bikes, handy bikes, mopedwarehouse, or zippy's mopeds. there are others, too. check our resources/links page.

Re: Motori Minarelli Fan unit?

yeah, if you run without a fan / fan shroud you run the risk of overheating (very bad on air colled machines, as you may imagine)..

i'd try to find one before doing too much (any more) riding..

Re: Motori Minarelli Fan unit?

Forrest Smith /

Thanks for the help guys. I have the fan but most of the fins are broken off, not sure how they did that. I will not ride it till i find the unit. I guess that the best way to go

Re: Motori Minarelli Fan unit?

hey! you're in cincy??

we should all ride sometime... there is a moped army brach here... check out the members list and email me, chris r, or brian p.

Re: That's right, Forrest

Don't ride any moped that is fan cooled without one, or the fan shroud since it is designed to work with it.

The flip side to all this is that a fan cooled engine will last longer than a non- fan equipped engine because it receives a cooling draft at idle, where the others depend on ambient still air to cool them.

And in general, any aircooled engine should never be operated with dirty cooling fins. No need to explain that one!


Re: Motori Minarelli Fan unit?

i'm pretty sure yuo can ridde the minarelli engien w/o the fan fins (if your fan is broken up, usually due to now using the shroud as well). all moped engines are air cooled, only the minarelli even has a fan.

but you should have a flywheel cover when you ride. it will keep your stator plate and magneto clean and protected.

Re: That's right, Forrest

Same goes with painting them with the wrong paint to...

I've seen a few motors overheat when people just covered them with many many layers of spray paint. Wrong!

Some paint will act as a blanket and actually hold the heat in the fins. Bad idea!

Make sure the paint is made for motors and will not hold in the heat.

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