are biturbos worth it?

i'd just really like to know if biturbos are worth the cost before i buy one. thanks

Re: are biturbos worth it?

yes, a performance exhaust (biturbo is one common manufacturer) will give you increased power and speed. i'd guess at about 5mph more.

Re: are biturbos worth it?

I had almost no gain with my Puch. It was louder and more of a pain because it would go through fiberglass in the baffle. I like the Proma Circuit, myself.

Re: are biturbos worth it?

Yes go out and buy one now, you wont regret it

Mine has been on since 94 and still looks new (Bike garaged)

Make sure to keep it away from the elements and polish it twice a year with Turtle wax crome shine.

This is my 2nd Bi Turbo and the chrome pits with age, cheap plating I guess just take care of it and you will be a ok-mine still looks new.

Two Words.

Hell Yes.

Any performance pipe is the most cost-effective upgrade you can do to a moped engine, giving more bang for your buck than any other upgrade.

Factor in how simple they are to install, and it's a no brainer.


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