Slightly OT: Cussing

I was bored and decided to search the Moped Riders' Ass. for threads containing the phrase "Moped Army".

Turns out our R-rated dialogue is a major turn off for some of those guys. Personally I love being able to swear and all the bad words were part of the reason I was drawn to this site.

I just wanted to know other people's viewpoints on swear words.

Re: Slightly OT: Cussing

Are you fucking serious? They left here because of profanity?

What the FUCK is with thier rateing of each other like wolves?

like one is like the supreme fucking puch tech

the other is super mechanic tech tech tomos tech

Fuck that shit, they never answered any question i ever asked, cuase i wasnt in thier little pissing contest circle jerk.

Ill take a good dose of profanity anyday.

Re: Slightly OT: Cussing

if you search this site for MRA, youll find that their dullness and troves of tight old fucks is a major turn off to most of us.

this video pretty much sums up my thoughts on swear words.

Re: Slightly OT: Cussing

fuck mra I love the army

Re: Slightly OT: Cussing

Leon Swarmer /

NOT my favorite part of the moped army. Seems like there are 15 year olds who just learned to type who can't think of any other words. If I'm on the repair forum and read 15 words of cussing and 6 about the problem, I ignore the post.

expleteives do not describe parts.

Re: Slightly OT: Cussing

fuck that...

I got this cocksucker that's all rusted into my shit and won't do it's damn thing. How hard is that to understand?

Re: Slightly OT: Cussing

there's a reason that's an association, and this is an Army. MA is a collection of equals, sharing information freely... MRA is all politics. a bunch of self-righteous pricks holding themselves on a pedestal as some kind of supreme authority on all that is mopeds. now that's no fun at all. they're just the rich white ass republican version of MA.

Re: Slightly OT: Cussing

Cussing has its place. For example, you all had have no idea how hard I had to work to stop myself from responding to ol' Bob's comment of "that's not how a lady talks."

People who are against cussing are, at least in my opinion, kind of out of touch with the real world. Most of my friends use cuss words on a daily basis -- no, not like, every other word, but it happens. It gets your feelings across, and most of the time it adds emphasis or humor. In my mind, that makes it a valid form of communication.

Every time this kind of discussion comes up, I want to say that cussing is best used in moderation -- I would much rather surprise people when I cuss, because then they know I mean it. And well, I do think people generally come across as better educated and more well-mannered when they refrain from using profanity. However, my desire to cut back on the cussing usually lasts for about a week, and then I revert to my somewhat potty-mouthed self. Damnit! I'm really going to cut back on cussing this time! Quit fucking laughing! I really am!


Re: Slightly OT: Cussing

i just saw a post on the MRA that said the MRA forum is the best site for speed modifications. I then searched for "80cc metrakit" and got 9 hits, lolz. BEST RESOURCE FOR SURE DOOD.

Re: Slightly OT: Cussing

Eh, i can see 50 point about people dropping profanity like its a cluster bomb.

You gotta use it strategically or it loses its edge.

I was just joking about the MRA

I dont let them get me worked up but i do get a big ol belly laugh going when i see all those ratings they have next to thier names. That is so much like boy scout badges or some kinda alpha male fan club shit it makes me chuckle.

I want an avitar that says supreme shit talker.

Re: Slightly OT: Cussing

fuck fuck fuckity fuck! they can stay their asses over there then...

Re: Slightly OT: Cussing

we should all have an avatar that says "secretly Harold"

Re: Slightly OT: Cussing

Its like a ghost town over there. Only 12 posts yesterday related to mopeds. Thats totally lame. They have more moderators then posters. This site has more posts in a minute then they had all day. How does that make you an expert. Ooh a fancy avatar with shit talker next to it.

Re: Slightly OT: Cussing

I cuss like a sailor.

Slightly OT: Cussing

It turns me off at times too but the information here is greater than my disdain for pointless searing. Usually, there is no point in the swearing that I see and it seems really forced. It just makes people look stupid. Probably my biggest pet peeve is swearing in Subject titles. I don't know why, but that bugs me. To each his own.

Re: Slightly OT: Cussing

Re: Slightly OT: Cussing

Swearing makes people seem stupid because swearing is a definitive classist issue. I'd say a lot of the smartest people on here are the ones with the filthiest mouths, same for my non-moped friends.

So why do we say swearing makes you sound dumb? Because we like to impose cultural norms by shaming or insulting non-conformists.

Anybody ever watch "Firefly"? There's this great line where the wussy doctor says "I believe in using profanity... when it's appropriate." and the mechanic girl says "the whole point of profanity is that it's _not appropriate_"

Anyway, now that I've quoted Firefly you can all roast me for being such a nerd.

Re: Slightly OT: Cussing

hahaha Ben you're my new BFF. That episode was one of the best, the singing milk machine ending makes me laugh till I cry every time.

Re: Slightly OT: Cussing

fuck the world,fuck it twice,fuck hot peppers fuck dry ice,fuck a midget fuck an elf and if u get tired of that go fuck yourself.LOL i love that saying.Swear word are awesome!

Re: Slightly OT: Cussing

i was banned from moped riders ass years ago for calling randy (xrongor) a jackass.

true story.

Re: Slightly OT: Cussing

lol, aaww thanks! I thought that skit seemed appropriate to the conversation. Actually your post "I got this cocksucker that’s all rusted into my shit..." reminded me of the ding dong burger commercial. That skit is classic and the milk machine one is great too.

I would love to see commercials like that in real life. I was all about the Aspercreme when their slogan was "You bet your sweet Aspercreme!" for like a month until someone decided being clever could possibly be slightly offensive to someone somewhere and so they changed it to "You bet if it's Aspercreme!" Lame! :-(

Re: Slightly OT: Cussing

mra, looks like a dead site to me. no fun!

Re: Slightly OT: Cussing

So is MRA like the Walmart Version of Moped Army?

Re: Slightly OT: Cussing

What? Oh, sorry, I was just reading the do they make these fuckers post.

Apparently, "fuckers" are petcock stickers or something, I didn't really pay attention.

I'm fine with profanity. I swear a lot in all company. I have to work with this verdammt language, though, so I don't really like seeing an actual word (let's say... "stickers") replaced by another word with no relevant meaning (like "fuckers," for instance, although it at least sort of rhymes).

Bash your thumb with a hammer, bear up stoically, and then swear your heart out on M.A. later? Sure, go for it.

Re: Slightly OT: Cussing

hey you fuckers, the word FUCK is historic!


Famous historical quotes

Never forget the words of these famous people.

General Custer Where did all them fucking Indians come from?

Mayor of Hiroshima "What the fuck was that?"

Captain of the Titanic "Where's all the fucking water coming from?"

Michelangelo "You want me to paint what on the fucking ceiling?"

Einstein "Any fucker could understand that."

Sean Penn "Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck"

John Lennon "Is that a real fucking gun?"

Donald Campbell "The fucking throttle is stuck."

Anne Boleyn "Heads are going to fucking roll."

Richard Nixon "Who's going to fucking know?"

Niki Lauda "I thought I could fucking smell petrol."

Mark Thatcher "What fucking map?"

Picasso "It does fucking look like her."

Christopher Columbus "Where the fuck are we?"

Michael Jackson "It's a fucking skin condition"

Pythagoras "How the fuck did you work that one out?"

Walt Disney "Fuck a duck."

Joan of Arc "I don't suppose it will fucking rain."

George Bush "Fcuk! I can't spell."

Miss Marples "I haven't got a fucking clue."

Noah "Scattered showers, my fucking arse."

Donald Trump "You're fucking fired!"

Judge Judy "Shut the fuck up!"

Paris Hilton "Fuck me."

Ronald Regan to the Pope "Yes it does fucking hurt."

Harold, Battle of Hastings 1066 "Watch him he'll have some fucker's eye out"

John F Kennedy "I need this parade like I need a fucking hole in the head."

John F Kennedy Jr. "What's wrong with this fucking altimeter?"

Bill Clinton "I should have fucked her."

Bill Clinton "I didn't fucking inhale!"

Hurricane Katrina "Mardi Fuckin Gras this motherfuckers."

Leonardo da Vinci "Call that a fucking smile?"

Sir Walter Raleigh "That's another good cloak fucked!"

William Tell "Keep Fucking Still."

Yo Jimmy...

Don't let the hat fool you. That pope is one crazy fucker!

Re: Slightly OT: Cussing

Hahaha holy shit,

Fuck is pretty historical.

Slightly OT: Cussing

Gunther McCilicutty /

ahhh yes...profanity. It is my true medium, just like an artist works with pastels... I use the F word in almost every sentence I say outside of work...and sometimes at work depending on the company.

The key is to know when to use it. When I am outside of work I do it without even knowing it.

Fuck I love Fuck.

Re: Yo Jimmy...

Cosmo nPuch Stillstolen /

Reminds me of a pope joke: The pope had never masturbated in his life. He was getting on in his years and after a lifetime of service to the church, he decided that God would forgive him. He told his helpers that he was going for a walk and went out on the Vatican grounds. Finding a private spot near some bushes, he proceeds to pleasure himself.

At the moment of the big release a wayward tourist stepped around the bushes and snapped a picture of the pope doing his money shot. The pope knowing that this would bring a severe worldwide negative perception of the church ordered his staff to "buy" the camera from the wandering tourist. His staff rushed the tourist away and gave him $5000 for the camera. The pope had to hold audience with some church reps and hurried to his office, getting there just when the visitors entered the room. The pope placing the camera on his desk began the meeting.

At the end of the meeting one of the visitors remarked about the nice camera sitting on the desk.

"That's the Super Shot by XXX camera company, may I ask how much you paid for it?" The pope being honest said "I paid $5000 for it" The visitor whistles and says "Wow they're only $299 at the Vatican gift shop"

"They must have seen YOU coming"

Re: Slightly OT: Cussing

haha its funny when your work/parents strictly forbid swearing... it makes you into the Batman of four-letter words; leading a double life.

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