Why are douche bags waving at me?

Apparently there is a custom among sport bike riders to wave/peace sign each other as they go by. Why have I and my maxi [mistakenly] been embraced by these tools? Do drop/cafe bars all of a sudden qualify an individual as a member of this group? WTF? Maybe my moped looks that fast, ha.

Re: Why are douche bags waving at me?

it's this weird thing people sometimes do called being friendly.

Re: Why are douche bags waving at me?

the cafe bars make it look like it has clip-ons... that might be doing it... that and the bodystyle of the bike...

Why are douche bags waving at me?

my favorite, i was riding my small puch & an old classic harley guy gave me the passing nod, i felt bad ass, cool cool

Re: Why are douche bags waving at me?

LOL I'm afraid jay is correct in his assessment .

Re: Why are douche bags waving at me?

once i had a Harley guy start to give me the sign, then got closer and saw it was a moped and quickly retracted his hand. I almost crashed laughing.

Re: Why are douche bags waving at me?

I think you are the douchebag here Ben.

Giving your props for your nice looking ride maybe?

tsk tsk.

Re: Why are douche bags waving at me?

Be nice, most bikers respect each other and the fun involved with riding. Better than them flipping you off!

Re: Why are douche bags waving at me?

keller stephen is completely right. my dad rides a harley and he does it to anyone on a motorcycle. its just a two wheeled whats up...chill

Re: Why are douche bags waving at me?

i live by this really old ratty biker guy who's still into stripping his bikes to the frame classic biker gang style. I pulled up next to him one night at a stop light and he gave me a big thumbs up and rode with me for a little while. Truth is, if you have a cool bike that you love, other cool people will respect it.

Re: Why are douche bags waving at me?

most bikers r nice to me with the exception if they don't see me. not any more i know have the loudest bike in the city.

Re: Why are douche bags waving at me?

Of all the things to complain about.......

Re: Why are douche bags waving at me?

most people on 2 wheels acknowledge each other while riding by whats the big deal? And although many guys on sport bikes are assholes, usually the ones who risk other poeples lives for a cheap thrill; I find this offensive bucause I loved my SV just as much as my batavus. Keep the rubber down ben

Why are douche bags waving at me?

Want people to give you the finger instead?

Re: Why are douche bags waving at me?

I ride a sport bike, and a moped. Maybe they do too.

If you need to judge others by what they ride my thought is the 150hp

sportbike may be just slightly cooler than your moped Ben. Was it Envy that compelled you to label them "douchbags"? Envy is one of the deadly sins, be very careful...........

Why are douche bags waving at me?

Matt Scout The Scouting Dcon /

I've gotten waves from all sorts. Even when stopped next to a guy on a road bicycle, we both looked at each others rides and said "Nice bike!" I've got respect for people who just love to go ride regardless of what they are riding.

Re: Why are douche bags waving at me?

Bike Tunners of all bikes are very similar. It just takes a little more imagination for us moped peeps. They respect your passion, I am sure they would appriciate the same from you.

Re: Why are douche bags waving at me?

Cleats Onionpockets /

I had a great experience coming home from work one night. I was going about 30 or so, with my feet on the rear passenger pegs for extra lean ability. I heard this low rumble come up behind me, and I saw that it was a big heavy harley with a bearded fellow riding it. He stayed just behind me in the next lane over. So I said "alright fucker, watch this!" and opened the taps on the airsal kit I had mounted at the time. I rocketed up to about 48 or so, and he lazily kept pace. I looked over and he's laughing and grinning like a fool. He then pulls up along side, and puts his arm out. We tap fists, and he rumbles off. I was jolly the whole way home as a result.

Re: Why are douche bags waving at me?

Cory (mrdr 133) /

weird thing to complain about, i think it's awesome when people say hello

Re: Why are douche bags waving at me?

Because they want you to know

Mass murder and mob mentality have the same mindset, which is no mindset at all. Thrown through the locked and barred doorway and windows and through the bone of the skull are the high callings of intellect, information gathering, freedom, decision making, decency, respect, concern, care, kindness .. replaced by blind, unthinking,despotic, criminal, murderous action. Get uninvolved with it. Loyalty to a group should include advancement towards the light and intelligence and a spirit of careful thought and research before action, not retreat into the poison fumes of the Holocaust.

Re: Why are douche bags waving at me?

when i first started riding i would get the downward peace sign every once in a while. i would return the gesture and go on my merry way. it made me feel good inside. i would never initiate it though and sometimes wouldn't be able to return the gesture in time before they rode past. i also always found myself seeing someone ahead on two wheels and would wonder if they were going to do it. sometimes they would sometimes they wouldnt, but i would always feel a little awkward when neither of us did anything and we both kind of looked at each other apprehensively.

so now i always give anyone on two wheels (motorized anyways) the downward peace sign. i recognize they have a passion for riding and so do i. so why not be friendly and acknowledge that if nothing else we share that in common.

Re: Why are douche bags waving at me?

I like when some jerkoff on a crotch rocket pulls up beside me, revs his engine, and takes off when the light turns like he's got something to prove. I laugh all the way home.

Heck, last Sunday when some of us Northern Ohio guys got together, I recall seeing like four or five guys in mustangs or civics just rip past us and curse at us through their rolled up windows. It's really funny. You can actually hear how small their balls are.

Re: Why are douche bags waving at me?

I actually try to make it a habit to give a peace sign or a big ol' cheesy thumbs up to everyone on two wheels. now that i'm riding a top tank, it at least feels slightly more appropriate

Re: Why are douche bags waving at me?

Crotch rockets rule! Mopeds rule! Garden tractors rule! (maybe not)

Practice tolerance, only self centered arrogant people are to be scorned.

Re: Why are douche bags waving at me?

I agree with most.. I enjoy the waves and friendliness of other people on two wheeled vehicles!

Even on my tiny Badger I still get it! :)

Re: Why are douche bags waving at me?

First thing to know, apparently, is that there is a hierarchy among motorcyclists. People who drive the same motorcycle as you (Harleys especially) are more likely to return your hello. People who wear similar gear (helmet or no helmet, leather chaps or denim only, do-rag or braid, etc.) will also be more likely to return your greeting.

It is also reportedly true that some bikers will never return a hello, regardless of your equipment or your gear. In some cases when traffic is heavy or tricky, it might be too difficult for a biker to wave. So bikers are cautioned not to over-interpret another biker's failure to return a wave hello.

That said, here are some of the signals described and explained:

Two-Finger Peace

Biker keeps hand on the grip but raises index and middle finger in a peace sign. Safe but also very casual. Like saying, "Hey, dude."

Down Low Peace

Biker drops hand off grip below handlebars and flashes the peace sign. Since the biker took the time to remove his or her hand from the grip to greet you, this is a true hello.

Casual Wave

Variant of the Down Low Peace. Biker drops hand off grip below handlebars and gives an open-palm. The return of the greeting is sometimes held as the bikes pass so that it appears as though the bikers would give each other low-fives but for the extra necessary distance between them.

Sport Bike Point

Biker raises hand without moving the arm and points at fellow biker with a flick of the wrist.

The Geeky Hi!

Biker lifts hand from grip and raises hand into the air and waves. This increases wind resistance and could result in injury. It is also how newbies or nerds -- or I who have never driven a motorcycle -- would wave. Serious motorcyclists say that drivers of mopeds and motor scooters greet each other this way. In other words, if you want to be cool -- and don't want to slow down -- don't wave like this.

The Dis

Biker removes hand from grip and lays it flat on the thigh. No peace sign, no open palm, just a big obvious nothing. Supposedly, this comes from motorcycle gangs and some riders will still interpret this as an open sign of disrespect. Newer riders might instead see this as a sign of tiredness and that a driver is merely resting his or her arm.

Debris Warning

Biker points one finger down to the ground point to the problem to warn of debris on the pavement ahead.

Smoky Alert

Palm of hand taps top of helmet several times in succession alerts other bikers to a police officer ahead.

Ticked Off

Middle finger proudly extended. No guide to hand signals would be complete without this one.


Motorcyclist who takes more risks than necessary. A show-off and, in the end, probably not that good of a rider. Some think that riders who hardly wear any safety gear and only skimpy things like flip-flops and a flappy sleeveless T-shirt are squids by virtue of their dress alone. There's even a way to signal another biker that a squid is on the way: drop hand with palm down, and wave the fingers in a tentacle-like fashion. Sport bike riders wearing helmets so they don't get pulled over, but eschewing shirts altogether and leaving their legs and ankles bare. Some refer to riders like this as squids; others refer to them as "future body bag occupants;" still others simply wince at the thought of skin grafts.

Re: Why are douche bags waving at me?

Wow. Phil, that's quite a list.

I kind of like that I've never done any of this shixt. If I pass someone I'll open a hand on the grips, and if I see someone coming on I'll nod. Basically, I'll give some indication that I am a sighted human being in a world filled with other people.

Cars can't wave, so I don't wave to cars.


The only time I've felt anything like the annoyance from Ben's original post is when I am riding a bicycle and someone on another, oncoming bicycle says anything longer than "Hi."

We are headed in opposite directions. We will pass one another in a fraction of a second. A wave might be appropriate. A cheery "How's it going?" is just going to be whipped into doppler nonsense that I don't have time to reply to. Screw you, random person, for making me feel badly about not stopping to talk.

Re: Why are douche bags waving at me?

they want to fuck you up the ass. better stop waving back.

Re: Why are douche bags waving at me?

Debris warning is one of the best hand signals. Everyone should do it when in a pack. Extra easy when debris is on your left.

Re: Why are douche bags waving at me?

I get "the casual wave" a lot, although it's possible I've gotten other ones that I just didn't recognize before.

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