Sachs 505 4 stroking

Ok so I have a sachs with a stock 5051a and it begins to four stroke before I can reach full throttle. If it is on the stand I can rev it up really high but on the rode it four strokes before I can get going fast. Any help on how to work this out?

Re: Sachs 505 4 stroking

Re: Sachs 505 4 stroking

I had the same prob. It seems like they run super rich with that stup square air box. I ditched mine and fabbed up a highflow. Hopes this helps. FYI the choke is kinda built into the plastic box, so, yeah you might have to make one hyou can manually choke, you know, with your palm. Also I have heard of kids drilling holes in the box, but the paper filter in there is uber restrictive too. Sometimes what I do on four stroking bikes is take off all air filterage, run it, make sure it doesn't four stroke even wide open. The get a little bit of rubber hose, like and inch or so, the same size as the air intake, and put as many layers of pantyhose over the hole as I can without making it four stroke. Then take like 1 more layer off.

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