tomos oil injector!!;)

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so i was riden to day and happen to see a tomos oil injector lying on the ground, i thought to pick it up and then i said to my self why would i want this fucking thing???? i love to premix my gas and why take the risk of this tiny little brass tube coming off it to get clogged and seize the fuck out of my motor. so i picked it up and did my part to the world and threw it in the recycling!yay for me!! thought i would add to the

Ez ThE sNoW mAn!!!!!

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seriously not needed.




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ez da snow man !! /

dont like it dont read it!!!

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just let this thread die.


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No, not just yet. i've been trying to find out the general take

on oil injection vs premix. I get the sense it is simply 'uncool'

to have an oil injection system? That the 'pure' way to go is

to premix. I have a 06 targa and it's easy to just fill the

reservoir and tank then go. Is the mix not as clean when

left to the injector? If it is better to premix I'd do it but

I need solid arguments in favor of??????

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The problem with all oil injection is that if the unit fails, you only find out when your engine seizes. They can and do fail as all machines do, some are more reliable than others but until they come up with some kind of safety measure to warn you in the case of a problem, I will bypass mine. by running the "out" line into the 'in" nozzle.


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also, when you mix it you know exactly how much oil your getting in your mix.

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its fine as long as it doesn't mess up or u do performance

i took mine off then started premixing about a week later i blew a head gasket and seized. i don't think i would have seized if i had my oil injection. that being said i am still not using it. if your bikes oil injection is not notorious for messing up it will work fine till u do performance, then i would suggest premixing.

i took mine off because it was giving me to much oil and when i took it off i got about 1-2 mph on the top.

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Ahhhh....good. Now that the rain is starting I am going to go

'performance'. A parmakit, dellorto 16mm, technigas next r,

so i now think when I do start it up again it will be with

premix. I read, not too long ago, in one of the forums

about the best ratio and there were several different takes

and now I'm wondering?????


for some ridiculous reason this stupid question always starts fights.

STOCK BIKES usually do totally fine with an oil injector. they are designed to be run on a stock bike. as long as you maintain your oil level and make sure your lines dont get kinked, you will probably never notice a problem. some much older bikes are known to have faulty oil injectors. lets face it they have old parts, old parts fail.

MODIFIED BIKES generally should not be run with oil injectors. they will need more oil to run properly and there is no easy way mod your oil injector acurately. you can always add additional oil to the tank upon fill up but this defeats the entire purpose of the system so why even keep it?

THE GENERAL CONSENSUS IS USE THEM AT YOUR OWN RISK if it fails for even half a second you run the risk of completely destroying your motor.

if you wish to learn more on the subject feel free to search the subject oil injector.

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