mo' moped maps?

does anyone have a good resource for mapping out a moped trip? mapquest and yahoomaps only seem to give the shortest or fastest route. i'm looking for the most scenic, without highways.

Re: mo' moped maps?

check to see if there are any "fall tours" maps. those are planned on more scenic minor roads so that people can see the changing colors of fall. there might be something like that for some east coast states, eh?

barring that, just look for maps that include minor highways or county roads and see where they go. maybe even look for "bike trails" on highways or county roads. if they're safe for bikes (and ecouraged for them), they should be fine for mopeds, too.

Re: mo' moped maps?

Ataristyle /

I wish there was a better way of riding from Chicago to a town 1 hour and 15 minutes by car/truck. The fastest the road i will be on is 50 to 55mph. People go 70mph on the 50mph road. I will get killed w/ my Tomos Targa LX barely hitting 40mph. One way I could get to go there is for someone to drive my truck w/ the emergency lights on in the right lane and for me to follow them. People would be able to see the truck and when they get close to it see me : ) Bad thing is that I still live with my parents and it will not happen : ( Anyone have suggestions for this. I want to leave the bike how it is and not add the 70cc engine kit to it.

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Re: mo' moped maps?

I have an atlas for my state.Its called the "North Carolina atlas and gazetteer" I think they have them for all states,Got mine at wal mart,,look in the sporting goods section for the one for your state. Its great and even has all the dirt roads.


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