Secret switches and a speed kit

Garelli_teen /

I wanted some ideas on creating secret switches or somthing to prevent brother and others from starting my ped!

Also I have an 85 Garelli and I was wondering if anyone could tell me whether its a two speed or one. If not are there any ways I can tell. I seen a circle with a 2 in it in small print behind the transmission! Any Ideas?

I just bought the polini speed kit about 3 weeks ago and Im still in the break in period but i just want to know some ways of taking care of the kit to have a long life.

Thank you!

Re: Secret switches and a speed kit

you could just take the sparkplug out... but thats a hassle. I had an idea to make some wire have a switch. You can make a switch before the wires going to the CDI coil.... Just a thought.


Re: Secret switches and a speed kit

there should be an on off switch already dude.. just dont show him which on it is...

Re: Secret switches and a speed kit

Garelli_teen /

He already knows about that existing switch!

Pull wire off the coil

Look at see if you have a wire going into your coil (maybe two besdies the spark plug wire) These wires are usually covered by a rubber cover or (boot). Pull the wire off and then just stick it back on with the ribber boot and not the wire.

Then when you get ready to ride, stick the wire back on properly. Just make sure your brother doesn't see you do it.

Locking it down with a chain should also keep your brother or anyone else from "borrowing" your ped.

the old switcheroo

Matt Lorence /

switch the wiring in the switch so on is really off, and off is on, that should throw them off.

Re: Pull wire off the coil

yeah... steering lock might help.. unless he likes doing circles

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