Motobecane mopeds:i need info on them

HEY. Are these good mopeds? i can get one that is an 1974 for 200 but it needs a tune up. How much does a tune up cost??? Is it worth it?

Thanks for all replys....if any

Re: Motobecane mopeds:i need info on them

YEs and no motobecanes are good on the one side you can get parts for em if you need oh and another thing for a motobbecane 200$ you got ripped off But maybe i am just saying that because i have made a couple of wheelin' deals. But any way they run ok if you need parts gimme a buzz at this junkyard near me they got at least 15 20 motobecanes lieing around


and yes i am trying to be like ree

Re: Motobecane mopeds:i need info on them

Brian Cuthbert /

hey, i need parts for a MOTOBECANE CADDY MOPED. I need some stuff like mabye an engine and some other parts. If you have parts email me at and give me a list of what you have and price and shipping.

Re: Motobecane mopeds:i need info on them

B.j. Wallace /

I had a Motobecane 40v for almost 20 years (just traded it in on my latest OLD 'ped - a 1981 Sachs G4)

When you get the things running right (a larger jet and a trick exhaust work wonders!), you can really move on them - since they have a CVT transmission . . .

They will never be the fastest 'peds out there, but they have that certain something . . .

I'm sorta sorry I didn't keep my old Motobecane . . .

B in Toronto

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