Fuel Problems...I think???

John Purchase /

My Motron Medalist was running fine for a week until yesterday when I spent 20 minutes putzing around at minimal speed next to a guy on a bicycle.

This morning, the motor doesn't seem to be getting enough gas. It idles, but it's really rough. When I hit the throttle, sometimes it revs up, sometimes it doesn't.

I was told I used the proper oil/gas mix, (40:1,) so I don't think that would be the problem.

Any thoughts??


Re: Fuel Problems...I think???

John Purchase /

You know, I suppose the coil could be shot.

What info would I need to provide to get a replacement?

It's a Motron Medalist with a Minarelli motor..

Thanks again!

Re: Fuel Problems...I think???

Sure sounds like you've got some dirt in the carb. Older mopeds tend to get rust in the gas tanks and it gets dragged into the carb.If you take the carb off and clean all the rust and dirt out ,it will probably run better. Be sure to clean out the tiny hole in the jet.I would also drain the gas tank, take off the petcock and flush the tank with gas to clean some of the rust out.Read Freds guide in the articles. bruce

Re: Fuel Problems...I think???

Coils rarely go, clean your carb. bruce

Re: Fuel Problems...I think???

John Purchase /

Rock out, thanks for the info Bruce.

I pulled the carb off this morning. I took the bottom off, and the interior looked clean as a whistle. I haven't ventured into the top end of the carb though. Frankly I'm afraid that I'll screw up the throttle cable and the spring in there.

Is it safe to assume that even though the bottom is clean that there still may be crap up in the top end?

Thanks man!

Re: Fuel Problems...I think???

I'm not really sure what kind of carb is on your bike.Do you see the jet ? it's a brass screw on the end of a small tube. Undo it and gently poke a tiny wire through the hole to clear it. If you can add an inline filter on the gas line it will help trap the rust before it gets to the carb. bruce

Re: Fuel Problems...I think???

John Purchase /


Right-o. I'm off to the shed to see what damage I can do.

Thanks for the insight man!


Re: Fuel Problems...I think???

You need to BLAST that carb out with compressed air... (not the wimpy 'air in a can' for cleaning electronic circuit boards either) .. the kind a garage has.

The carb can look clean and still have dirty orifices (inside).

READ THE GUIDE about carbs.

Install a PAPER ELEMENT in line fuel filter.

Riding slow in medium temperatures won't hurt a thing.

Hey Fred...

John Purchase /


As always, thanks for the tip.

I actually took the whole carb apart and soaked it in carb cleaner, but didn't use any compressed air.

I also replaced the spark plug, drained and flushed the tank, cleaned the petcock and fuel lines and filter.

After all that, it fired up. It idled really low but ran great for about a mile at mid to full throttle.

All of a sudden, it started boggin' somethin' fierce. I lost all power when any load was applied to the motor, and another 10 minutes later, it died all together.

The motor still turns over and has spark, so I'm assuming it's a problem in the fuel mix or in the carb.

Any thoughts?

Thanks again--


Re: Hey Fred...

John Purchase /

I'm not even sure if a coil dies a slow death or kicks out all at once, but could the coil have to do with anything? Or, do you still lean towards the carb?

Re: Hey Fred...

Brendan Chenelle /

did you put an inline filter on? do that, and then clean the carb. carbs can clog amazingly quickly

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