why i hate squirells

a damn squirell just made me wipe out. i was goin along at about 30mph when the thing jumps out into the middle of the road. i tried to move out of the way but it ran right into where i was. i hit it and the next thing i knew i was slidin on the ground. i slid a few feet away from my ped, then got up and told the squirell to fuck off. i broke my mirror and taillight. the mirror i just put on this morning.....


Re: why i hate squirells

after you hit the squirrel ... you told it to fuck off? was it even still alive? or did it give you the finger?

i keep imagining that commercial on tv where the squirrels try to cause traffic accidents. you know what i mean? i imagine the other squirrel(s) thinking, man that was a dumb idea. let's not do that again.

Re: Tree Rats

That's all they are. Robbing bird feeders and chewing wires and digging up your attic. I hate those rotten tree rodents.

Anything that has to continually gnaw to stay alive....vermin.

Re: bad luck??

didn't you post earlier today about losing your chain....and an awful uphill push?

was that all today? Ouch!!

look out....bad luck is supposed to come in threes.

Squirrel hunting season.

Glad you're okay. Now go get that hunting license! (16 gauge shgotguns work very well)Get up at about 6AM and you'll have squirrel gravy by noon.Ha! Gotta go to work in my SUV! Any `ped wreckin' squirrel tries to make a GEICO commercial between ^PM and 7PM on Rt.#32 will never wreck a `ped again.See! SUVs have their uses! LOL!! Glad you survived! See ya'! don-ohio (:^) P.S.: Wayne.....that GEICO commercial always made me mad anyway and now I'm incensed! Ha! Little `buck-toothed' furballs! Arrgghh!

Re: Squirrel hunting season.

I think squirrel hunting would be more fun with a fully automatic Co2 BB gun.

legal, won't annoy the neighbors, and you get to use a machine gun.

I suppose it wouldn't be too hard to make a potato gun on a swivel. Use the sparkmaker from a gas grill as the trigger....

a lot louder, but the weird part is that in most places, and even federally, potato guns don't qualify as firearms--- so it wouldn't be a felony to be pegging tree rats with high velocity potatos.

I've never hunted in my life, and I'm not an evill person, but I think I could mow down squirrels all afternoon....they breed like rodents ...every one you kill 10 more are just growing their first coat of fur.

Costly too--- can't remember the numbers but a significant amount of blowups at relay stations and power line transformers are caused by tree rats.

Chipmunks are probably just as bad, but gosh, they're cute.

squirrell bait

Dooooood ... There isn't any way a squirrel should make you crash ............ no ... way ..

It'll take something in the 30 pounds PLUS range to put me down at 30mph on a ped.

Get on the brakes ... grab the bars firmly .. and aim right for the center of the offending creature .. centerpunch him.. and deal with what happens afterwards .. and keep real firm grasp on the bars and try to keep steering your way out of whatever happens.

Keep your head .. a set of bent forks are easier to fix than may other scenarios.

Talked to squirrel hunters minutes ago

Not more than 20 minutes ago I was talking to 4 young small game hunters who'd just come out of the woods and were loading up their truck .. (they were grinning at my 'wimpy ped'.

They had shot 2 squirrels earlier .. no other small game showed though. .. they had shotguns and 22's.

Fall is a fan - tas - tic time of the year.

I did over 40 miles on the PA.


heck, i hit squirls and stuff all the time, i dont even bother getting out of their way, they should learn by now that all those dead bodies on the side of the roads rnt their for decoration. I remember one time i hit a squirl it was disgusting. the front tire flipped it in the air and it got cought in the chain by the flywheel! i was pulling squirl intestins out of the chain and clutch for weeks. just my story. thats all. I never fell hittin one though.

Re: squirl=mess

Matt Lorence /

thats the funniest thing I have heard today. I just got done unloading about 300 rounds of .22 ammo, workin on my aim, but unfortunately, the cats and my dog take care of the squirrels before I get a chance to

why i hate squirells

gimmyjimmy /

some squirrels you just don't mess with.

<img src=" http://www.cameltoe.org/images/squirrel.jpg"> ;

Re: why i hate squirells

the scary thing is, I have a mental visual of some dude riding around on a moped, looking like an extra from deliverance, potato gun in hand, mowing down squirrels in a small town neighborhood...

can see the headlines now; Wayne the moped man goes on animal killing spree. takes out 40 squirrels in local city park before cops haul him off. I know man, I know..."

Re: why i hate squirells

david f martin /

And the scary thing is, he's probably right...


Monitor cleaning.. AGAIN..

>>a lot louder, but the weird part is that in most places, and even federally, potato guns don't qualify as firearms--- so it wouldn't be a felony to be pegging tree rats with high velocity potatos.<<

This provoked an image of a nice, hefty idaho russet smackin a squirrel of a tree branch in my head, which left me spewing coffee on my monitor, Wayne....

S'awright tho, it needed cleanin anyhow.

You wouldn't be think of like a 80mm potato gun now would you ? some nice galvanized pipe, and a coupla... oh nevermind...

You folks are NO help in reigning in my psychotic impulses, I hope you know that.



Fred...Wayne! You killin' me!

CO2 powered BB gun.... full auto? HaHaHahaaaaa! You'd just make that squirrel mad,Wayne, and he'd get you for that(they are hard to kill)! Ha! Aim for the center `o that squirrel, Fred? LOL!! Now all the dad-gummed PETA (People Eating Tasty Animals) people will be callin' in sayin' we should sacrifice our bikes rather than squash a harmless lil' cute squirrel. Hey,that is great,Fred! 40 miles is a good ride! Now you have about pushed me over the edge......I am supposed to be sleeping,but I think I'm gonna go right out there to my bike,hop on, and go for a coupla' hours.It is such a beautiful day to be `sleepin' in', you know? My wife is in Indianapolis,so she can't talk good sense to me now.SO HERE I GO! C'mon everybody! Get to ridin' before winter hits! don-ohio (:^)

Re: why i hate squirells

no it wasnt alive...but i did tell it to fuck off. ya i thought of that commercial 2, mixed in with a little bit of southpark. "Oh my god, they killed rocky!" (YOU BASTARDS) im just happy that it wasnt bullwinkle that i hit...

Re: squirrell bait

i took the front wheel off my brothers maxi because it had perfect brakes...mabey a little 2 perfect. but i swerved 2 try to get outta the way of the damn thing and he jumped right into my path, so i slammed on the brakes (reflexes) and the wheel didnt like havin a squirell under it with the brakes on full...im not likein it that much either right now, my knee hurts like a bitch. but only when i run. damn footballs gonna suck on monday.


Re: why i hate squirells

mopedmaniaclt /

Squirells have almost jumped out infront of me when i ride but they think about it and run back to a tree.

Re: squirl=mess

i usually try to hit them...and they always move. when i try to get outta 1ns way, it moves right in front of me.

Re: why i hate squirells

run the bastard over next time

Re: why i hate squirells

next time?? its dead. i did run it over

Re: Potato guns on the internet

There is a ton of information on making potato guns. you can do a search on just about any engine, and it will get you some great plans.

I've seen some on the web (guys clearly know machining, and have access to a good shop) and they built some incredible pnumatic potato guns.

No butane or gas mist, just 600psi behind that spud. ouch.

yes... they show how to make portable bazooka spud guns and mounted swivel cannons... little ones you could shoot a friend in the ass with, and double barrel potato shotguns

We've mentioned "Mad Max" scenarios. Most potato guns will fire apples, ears of corn (depending on barrel size) turnips, round chunks of pumpkin (with a slimy seed-slop between the two hard chunks of pumpkin flesh....

and, good potato gun makers always sharpen the edges of their barrel... so in a pinch, you could carve out a circle of a nice lawn or golfing greens and hit someone with high speed turf.

for fuel, a little squirt of gas or a quick spray from a butane can. if you make them properly, they will stay charged for a while....

If you plan on firing potatos at your friends and family, just make sure it's a light caliber barrel. a high speed chunk of tuber about the size of a wine cork can't really hurt an ass through jeans... but a gun made to fire 80mm super-spuds should never be aimed at anyone's ass. Just squirrels or raiding bands of mutants.


:::Doubled over the keyboard in shrieking giggles:::

You're no help, Wayne... none at all....

And here I was, TRYING to nudge my thoughts to something less pyschotic...



speaking of squirrels...

saw a news clip on a woman in the northwest who was breeding Austrailian Flying Squirrels, and the buildings she had keep them in because they have to stay at 70* or above to survive, exploded. Scattering about 600 or so squirrels all over the place. Most survived but about 100 or so either were missing or dead...

Re: why i hate squirells

ah i feel your pain dave. i have had quite some luck in that area. last month i had just finished rebuilding my carb, and bam that fu*er just jumps out, i cant stop the fast i hit the thing flip off and go flying.... well the good news is that the moped isnt too bad i fixed the problems, lol


You guys are traveling too.........

........LIGHT!! Hang about 50 lbs. of gear on those `peds and do like Fred said..LOL! Aim right for the center of `em! (Besides you're not as likely to hit `em that way).I guarantee you that if I hit a squirrel with my `ponderous ped's' gross weight, it'll be flat out flat. If a `jay -walkin' squirrel' runs out in front of you preparing to give the GEICO squirrel `high-five', SPEED UP and scream `Die,Tree Rat! DIE!' Then make a `ROAD RUG' outta' him! The little buck-toothed weasels! don-ohio (:^)

You think ?

Another reason I love the Trike so... anything smaller than a deer isn't gonna affect it any more than yer basic MI wheel eater pothole.

I haven't actually weighed it (wouldn't know how) but the GVW on it has to be pretty significant with a cast iron frame rear end on that puppy.


Thump,thump,thump! 3 wheels..Ha!

Yeah,Trike! I remember you sayin' a long time ago you used to have a Tomos Trike? Is this one similar? Cast iron rear frame? That'll flatten those `hyperactive' lil' varmints! ........Really, I like squirrels........I love squirrel gravy over smashed potatoes and I like smashed squirrel over fried potatoes! Ha! Awww! They're so cute and tasty! don-ohio (:^)

Re: Trike in Photo section

Is that your trike? Or just a photo someone submitted.


so cool. How about a custom built canopy?

A Tomos Gyro!!


Re: Trike in Photo section

You musta missed it the first time I answered this question Wayne...

That isn't my trike, this one here is (attached), and the trike listed under Tomos in the PHOTOS section...

If that's really a Tomos engine powering that dark green looking one with the fat rear tires, I'd bet it only does 12mph - and if you look close, it's fairly obvious that's not a Tomos and never was.

The blue and white one listed as 3 wheeled moped, that's close, and it is based on the Pryer rear end, but mine isn't nearly that finished, no.

Mine's a top tank, for the range and extra frame stability, and I haven't yet decided exactly how to set up the rear section.

Also, the blue and white is a hardtail, as most Tomos trikes are, since working out some kind of chain adjustment is very difficult and a hardtail makes that less necessary.

Mine has two nice beefy shocks back there, which, combined with the weight, makes for a nice smooth ride even on these michigan washboards they call roads.

All in all, I think mine just flat kicks ass, even in the rough shape it's currently in.



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