Anyways about that motobecane and the general, you see i have a neighbor that until a few years ago had 400 mopeds in his backyard. he doesn't have as many as before, but he has a lot and A LOT of parts. I have some other neighbors who have around 25 and a friend with a general, and another friend with five other mopeds. You see, i have a lot of chances to get very good deals on them but i can't convince my parents. I already have a go-ped and a mini-bike which i rebuilt, so i have decent knowledge of these little corn-poppers and I really want one. But for a somewhat rusty moped with bad brakes, a broken chain, no air filter, no speedo, no headlight, no kill switch, no taillight, no gas cap, and ripped seat with a running minarelli engine is relly worth $80? If i convince my parents i don't want to get ripped off. I dont want to invest a whole lot, I just want a beater-upper that would be nice and reliable i dont want anything super fancy. Bu the motobecane is pretty nice.

I dont think my parent would let me get both.


P.S. I appreciate all the input i could get.


Hey listen buddy you are getting overcharged if you pay that its a horrible deal if you were smart you'd wait for a deal and go to auctions . YOu just gotta keep looking i got my 84 puch maxi ls that ran has a working headlight and horn good brakes and has a sweet paint job (before i did anything to it ) For 35 dollars if your smart you'll wait others your gonna get ripped off



Reeperette /

If this guy has a moped trike of any style, let me know - I want it.



Evan is right, and yet he's not. $80 is a bit much for a moped that's in that bad of a condition. But if it runs, the problems may be more cosmetic than anything else. It's mechanical problems that will cost you big bucks.

I bought my 1977 Bianchi Snark Eagle for $330. I sank another $50-75 to get it up to speed. I still think I got a deal. There are 1978 Vespa Grandes going for almost $1K. So $35 is a REAL steal for any moped.

If their are that many mopeds around you, look for a nice one that runs, and make sure they throw in parts for you from other bikes. Minarelli-based mopeds are great because you can take parts from many other mopeds and fix them like that. That's why I'd go for the General.

Now, another thing. Where do you live?! If there are THAT MANY MOPEDS lying around, there are LOTS of people (I, for one) that would be very interested to know what, exactly, is available. Are there any Vespa Grandes around? Any Bianchi? Let me know!

I'd say, give the guy $100 for both. Tell your parents you bought the Motobecane and he gave you the other for free. Also, do yuo have any siblings? Any friends interesting? Get them to buy a moped and you can ride together.

Man, all those mopeds lying around ... someone should be riding them!

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