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if any one loves skunks let me know. because yesterday i got skunked on my ped.

Re: Any one

Have a sorta bizarre skunk story for ya, then.

While not excessively fond of the little critters, I don't find the burning rubber scent so offensive cause I only have about 1/4's worth of the normal sense of smell.

(Called Anosmia, if ya wanna look it up)

Ergo, when one started hanging out under the trailer I was living in, I dubbed her Ms Skunk and never messed with her, figuring if I kept on good terms with her, it would cut down on unwlecome visitors.

Well, as it happened, I was moving out the next morning, leaving the trailer to my now-ex girlfriend as we dissolved our relationship (the firey explosions came much, much later) and on reasonable terms.. and I was up late packing.

I hear the jingle of chain, which drives me usually to pyschotic homicidal rage, cause it means someones messing with or attempting to steal my moped, and so I grab some handy implement of mass destruction and turn towards the door, just as I heard this stepped-on-critter kinda noise, and quickly following, the sound of someone hurling up their socks... I get two more steps to the door, and then this AWFUL reek hits me, and I about keel over laffing...

It became rather obvious at that moment what happened.

Ms Skunk had taken to sleeping under my Fa50, which I didn't mind too much since I was only riding in the daytime anyhow.. and some poor sodder who thought he was gonna steal him a nice set of wheels accidently stepped on her, getting both barrells at point blank range, right on the doorstep.

I suppose he wouldn't have been all that hard to find, given that one could just kinda follow their nose, but I figured what the hell, he already GOT what he deserved, and I figured that for lesson enough.

As for the lingering cloud of noxious fume ? ha!, I was moving out that morning, and from then, it just wasn't MY problem.... let HER deal with it...

After that incident I did give a little thought and research to the idea of a pet skunk, since a friend of mine who rescues and cares for nearly roadkilled wildlife told me they got on rather well with cats, but the legalities are problematic at best... and I don't think it very kind as a rule, to attempt to domesticate a creature that's perfectly happy in the wild.

It would most certainly discourage burglars and moped thieves and vandals, no doubt, were it really feasible.


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