WAY OT: but jungians could have a ball..

So it starts out in an apartment, it was her aptment I know that. I am just was not exactly sure who she is. It was a simple floor plan, basic open plan down stairs, with three rooms up stairs. Two of the rooms I'm sure of, the third is a mystery. One of the bedrooms has a balcony the other did not. I know I had been in the balconied one before, but this time I had to open the window to stick my head out to smoke a cigarette. I knew for a fact that the last time I was there I slept in the other room.

However when I was down stairs in the living room I saw a shoulder bag/satchle hanging on the end of the chaise. It wasn't my bag but I decided to look inside anyway. I looked, and in the bag were two bags of grass, one was an ounce the other just a quarter. The woman then returns to me a Crown Royal bag of stuff I had left the last time I had visited. For some reason we have somewhere to go, and before we leave i check the lock on the sliding glass door in the back of the down stairs. As we headed to her car I remembered, and reminded her that I had left my jacket at her church. It was agreed that she would return the jacket the next time I stop by.

We drove off, and arrived at our destination. The approach was down hill and we parked the car in the grass, in front of a carport or shelter of some sort. Futher down the road was another large house and the water could be seen at the end of the road. As we pulled up, we were discussing how inexpensive it could be if we were to split a house, $250 on my half, $350 on hers. I made mention that it must have a garage, attached or detached, just somewhere for me to keep the router table.

Then another car pulls up, its an older ford coupe, painted orange, badly. It was roll caged an was sitting on aggressive mud tires. The driver then floored it and all four tires started tearing up the grass, other people were standing on the bumper enjoying all the mud and sod being thrown everywhere. I rember briefly speaking to the owner about his goals for the vehicle.

I went through a house that was presumably "her" mothers house, past a blue floral patterned couch, past her mother, and out the back door towards the festival grounds. As I stepped on to the back steps I reached for the Crown Royakl bag and opened it to inspect its contents. One brass zepplin, two half inch ball bearings and a pack of matches. I opened up the zepplin to find only ashes. Thats when I thought, "damn I shold have pinched off some of that weed that was in the bag at her apartment".

Her identity is revealed to me around this point, she was a most troublesome girlfriend from almost a decade past. She looked the same as when I first met her, her hair was long and auburn. Her complexion was clean and not caked up with cosmetics. We wandered the fairgrounds for a while, and then she tells me that see is going to enter one of her art pieces in the silent auction. At the registration booth other women ask her what type of piece she is entering. Seems that there was somesort of interview process and that while displaying her work she would be interviewed. There was some sort of class system for entry and the classes were disignated by one of three colored T shirts. So the interviewers coul identify only those they needed to interview. It was either a red, blue or green shirt.

While she completed the process I made mention that I would catch up with her later on, we caressed and kissed, I left the fairgrounds and made my way up a street to what was later referred to as a pub. Upon walking inside I noticed the train theme running through out the interior. There were many video poker and video slot machines, appearing similar to the old PolePosition arcade games. But shaped like short, truncated choo choo trains. I rounded a corner past one of these and got the stink eye from a black lady occupying it. I continued up the aisle, rows of booths just like train seating. 8-10 booths then a cross way and two steps to the next set of booths. A black man dressed like a conductor stood at the end of the row. To the left was the bar. As I approached the second level of booths I couldn't climb the step due to the intense weight I seemed to be carrying. The first step was only an inch deep, not enough for my foot to use, the second step I couldn't lift my leg high enough to reach. Instead I turn left and headed towards the bar. I took another left and was heading back towards the entrance to the building. As I round the third left to take me to the door, a bobcat bites me on the clenched knuckles of my index and middle finger of my right hand. He doesn't break the skin but the pressure was tremendous.

I tried to remove my self from the grip of the bobcats jaws, by pinching it near the back of the jaw, and also by tugging. I began to drag the cat with me towards the doors I came in. Once I was close enough to the glass double doors, I see a woman bussing one of the tables. I ask her, "Does the cat go outside?" She replies that the cat must stay inside, and it is proably just hungry. "No, shit, Why don't you feed it?" I snap back. Thats when I throw my socks over towards the bar. The cat disengages my hand to go play with the socks. I exit the pub and walk bare foot down the sidewalk.

I walk around briefly, past a fountain, looking for the young woman I was with earlier. I stop a young man who is some sort of worker at this festival. He wears an embroiderd polo shirt. I ask him where one might find the gallery where the young women are wearing either red, green or blue T shirts. He points directly across the street to a glass fronted building. I approached the building and out she comes, leaping into my arms. We kiss some more and I proceed to tell her that while I was in "that building down there, a bobcat bit my hand" She points to the building and says "oh yeah, the pub, it happens there sometimes"

We start to walk back towards the fairgrounds, the buildings on the street come to an end and there is a chainlink fence, a gate, lots of people and easy ups everywhere.

Thats where my recollection ends.

Re: WAY OT: but jungians could have a ball..

Psychotropics ftw.

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